Euro 2020 – Football Ground To Hold – European Football Championship

Where does Euro 2020 take place, the European Championship football tournament – Euro every few years. Where is the football ground of the EURO 2020 hold? This is definitely what football fans are most concerned about today. Today, we will update the latest and most accurate information to you, please follow right below.

What is the Euro? European Football Championship

UEFA European Championship, also known as UEFA Euro for European national teams, is organized by the European Football Federation. This is the most prestigious football tournament in the old continent. Along with the World Cup, the Euro is also the most attractive football tournament on the planet.

Euro held once every few years

Euro is the most attractive football tournament in Europe. Organized every 4 years. Every two years, the Euro and the World Cup take turns. It takes place in the summer of an even year. These two leagues are expected of the biggest king sports fan worldwide.

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The first person to come up with the idea to set up this tournament was the General Secretary of the French Football Federation (FFF) Henri Delauney. It was proposed in 1927 but it was not until 1958 (3 years after Henri Delaunay’s death) that the tournament was held. After that, the championship trophy was named Henri Delaunay to commemorate the merit of the birth of his tournament.

Where was the first Euro held? The European football championship was first held in 1960 in France and the first team to win the European championship was the Soviet Union. Through nearly 60 years of history, Germany and Spain are the two teams that have won the European Championship many times with three crowns.

Where does Euro 2020 take place?

In 2020 Euro is the 16th European football championship to take place. Football tournaments will be held in 12 cities across Europe. This is undoubtedly the most special Euro in history when no nation hosted the entire tournament.

The idea of ​​organizing the tournament in 12 cities was consulted by countries and all agreed to support it. The absence of a host country, hosted in many different locations will be a condition for people throughout Europe to live with football. The festival atmosphere of the euro will become more bustling. Besides, it also helps reduce the economic burden for the host country.

A total of 12 cities will host the matches of the Euro 2020 finals. And each country has a host city will have to host a minimum of two matches in the group stage. The football ground will be based on the cities hosting the matches in the group stage are divided according to the following table:

● Group F: Munich (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary).

● Group E: Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Bilbao (Spain).

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● Group D: Glasgow (Scotland) and London (England).

● Group C: Bucharest (Romania) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

● Group B: Copenhagen (Denmark) and Saint Petersburg (Russia).

● Group A: Baku (Azerbaijan) and Rome (Italy).

The UEFA opening ceremony and the opening match will be decided by UEFA on Olimpico Stadium (Rome, Italy). Following the proposal of the Football Association of England, four important matches scheduled to take place in Brussels will be held at the football ground in Wembley (London, England). This includes two semi-finals and the final.

There are 55 teams from all over Europe who will compete to choose 20 places to qualify. Along with 4 tickets from the friendly UEFA Nations League. A total of 24 teams will attend the Euro 2020 final.

EURO 2020 qualifiers will start in September 2018. Euro 2020 final round is expected to take place within 1 month from 12/6 – 12/7. Recently, in London (UK) UEFA has announced a logo representing EURO 2020.

The teams won the EURO

Up to now, there have been 10 teams winning Euro

● Germany: 3 champions (1972, 1980, 1996)

● Spain: 3 champions (1964, 2008, 2012)

● France: 2 champions (1984, 2000)

● Soviet Union: 1 champion (1960)

● Italy: 1 champion (1968)

● Czech Republic: 1 champion (1976)

● Portugal: 1 champion (2016)

● Netherlands: 1 champion (1988)

● Denmark: 1 champion (1992)

● Greece: 1 champion (2004)

Portugal is currently the defending Euro champion

Above is the information about the European football championship. Hope you know where EURO 2020 is being held, the time and football ground.  Always follow football matches, 2020 will be a year of many football events taking place not only in Europe but also in Asia and for global fans.