EURO delayed until 2021: MU – Real in the “blockbusters” race

The final round of Euro 2020 officially rescheduled to the summer of 2021. Of course, the decision of the European Football Federation (UEFA) will greatly affect the old continental football, the most specific is the 2020 summer market here. 

The final round of  Euro 2020moves to the summer of 2021

EURO 2020 turned into EURO 2021

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin affirmed that postponing the Euro 2020 final to the summer of 2021 is the only way for European football to recover after the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, the statement of the head of UEFA opens a way for many big teams in Europe, as well as for the league in member countries.

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The final round of  Euro 2020moves to the summer of 2021
The final round of  Euro 2020moves to the summer of 2021

And the rescheduled Euro 2020 final will definitely affect the summer transfer window here. It was like a rescue for many big clubs. Given the current situation, it is certain that the leagues will have to end later than expected. If Euro 2020 happens in the summer of 2020, the time for clubs to rush into shopping in the next summer market is very short.

Because the players’ rest period compared to previous years was shortened, and then they had to plunge into the Euro 2020 finals. In that case, the teams that want to shop must also try to accelerate the negotiation. And of course, the owner football team will have an excuse to force partner prices on the negotiating table.

In addition, if the Euro 2020 continues as planned, the end time will be very close to the start of the new 2020/21 season. And once again the issue of teams being forced to negotiate the price of players was raised. Normally every year, after each big tournament like Euro 2020 or World Cup, inherently the value of the players has increased significantly.

Man United-MU – Real- Real Madrid will be indulged in the “blockbusters” race

Thanks to the postponement of EURO 2020, the big teams have had time to buy and sell players
Thanks to the postponement of EURO 2020, the big teams have had time to buy and sell players

Therefore, the decision to postpone the Euro 2020 to next year is also to open the exit for the big teams in the summer market in 2020. More than anyone, Man United-MU is the team that feels the most urgent in the matter of shopping.

The reconstruction of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is on the right track, reflected in the success that 4 contracts under the Norwegian ruler brought. Therefore, the transfer with Man United-MU becomes even more important.

The two big La Liga players Barcelona and Real- Real Madrid also revealed many limitations in this 2019/20 season. Last season, President Florentino Perez threw more than 300 million euros to bring Real- Real Madrid 5 rookies. However, the past has shown that the “White Vulture” is really lacking a player capable of scoring more than 40 goals per season and shining steadily – something striker Karim Benzema has not been able to do.

Thus, fans can wait on the series of “blockbuster” deals that big teams are pursuing that will take place during the summer transfer window of 2020. Real Madrid is said to be closely following Kylian Mbappe, Man United-MU Targeting Harry Kane, PSG towards Mohamed Salah or Juventus planning to buy Mauro Icardi. A roaring and violent summer awaits the ambitious giants of European football.
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