Erling Haaland Revealed Strange Habits Before Each Match

The young striker Erling Haaland recently shared interesting stories about his way to enjoy life, preparing before every match, the emotion when scoring in front of Dortmund’s fans and advice to young players.

Erling Haaland Revealed Strange Habits Before Each Match

Erling Haaland revealed strange habits before each match

Erling Haaland is feverish all over the world with the terrible record ability from Red Bull Salzburg to Dortmund. He set a number of records this season and only the global pandemic stopped the Norwegian striker from halting his “madness”.

Only 19 years old, Haaland has achieved 40 goals in just 33 appearances for RB Salzburg and Dortmund this season, an unbelievable performance that even the top strikers must bow to.

Recently, Erling Haaland had shared on Borussia Dortmund TV how he enjoyed life on the pitch as well as the feeling of being celebrated in front of thousands of Black-Gold football teams’ fans.

Haaland said he practiced a lot and also meditated a lot. Before every match, he likes to listen to Norwegian rapper, Amara. His favorite song is ” Keep Dreaming “. “When I’m not playing, I like playing FIFA with my friends. My favorite food is kebab pizza “.

Erling Haaland has become one of the most sought-after players today and there are dozens of big men willing to spend tons of money to pick him up.

Despite being coveted by signatures such as Real Madrid and Man United, Haaland revealed no more impressive emotion was celebrated in front of the Golden Wall of Dortmund fans.

“It makes you goosebumps. When you look at the wall and watch the fans scream, it feels so good,” Haaland said it has been one of the most memorable emotions of his life.

For the young players who are considering Erling Haaland to be an idol and want to follow in his footsteps, the 19-year-old reminded: “Always be hungry, always pursue your goals.”

Bad boy in Serie A calls Haaland a ‘monster’

Young star Erling Haaland would certainly be very proud to hear that the former “very talented” footballer of Italian football, Antonio Cassano, is also crazy about his talent.

Erling Haaland Revealed Strange Habits Before Each Match

Up to before football in Europe was halted due to the global pandemic, Haaland was undoubtedly the most impressive teenage player. In two colors of shirt Reb Bull Salzburg and Dortmund, Erling Haaland scored 40 goals in just 33 matches.

It is easy to see why Erling Haaland caught the eye of a series of big players in the world such as Real Madrid, Man United or Bayern Munich. However, Haaland shows the wisdom to choose a low-pressure but promising port as Dortmund.

According to former player Cassano, if Juventus director Piero Ausilio soon listened to his words, the old lady would have had this bright striker. When Haaland first started playing for Salzburg, Cassano suggested he go to Ausilio and he said Juventus would pay attention.

As a striker who has been through Roma, Real and two Milan teams, along with 39 appearances in Italy’s shirt, Cassano recognizes all the qualities needed in Haaland: “He always helps the home team. He managed to fly high by scoring with both feet. Haaland is a beast, not scared of anyone or opponent. “

Erling Haaland himself was very excited to be transferred to Dortmund: “Frankly, this is one of the most memorable moments of my life. When I first saw the yellow wall created by the Dortmund fans, I got goosebumps. It is unbelievable and cannot be described in words. “

According to another former Italian striker Christian Vieri, Dortmund owns the world’s number one striker Haaland. According to Vieri, if he keeps kicking like this, Haaland can help Dortmund to make a lot of money if he moves to another place:

“In just a few years, I believe Erling Haaland will join a great club for 200 million euros or maybe 300 million euros (260 million pounds). Haaland is the strongest striker I have ever known. He used to be very wise when choosing Dortmund, the ideal team for this player to develop his career. “

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