“Erling Haaland has better muscle and technique than Ibrahimovic”

The honeymoon of Erling Haaland has not ended after the Norwegian spearhead shone in the Ruhr derby in the 26th Bundesliga.

Experts believe Erling Haaland is on his way to becoming a “new Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” because he has a tall figure that resembles a Swedish spearhead. However, the

commentator Singh has a different opinion. He said: “Haaland has better muscle and technique than Ibra. The striker belongs unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, who depends a lot on speed.”

Erling Haaland shines

Erling Haaland is making the world pay attention to itself. The goalscoring performance of the Borussia Dortmund striker is truly respectable. After 12 matches played on all fronts, the 19-year-old striker scored 13 goals. Fox Sports commentator Shebby Singh was completely conquered by what Haaland created.

Haaland is booming in Borussia Dortmund. On 16/5, the Norwegian striker contributed 1 goal in a 4-0 victory over Schalke.
Haaland is booming in Borussia Dortmund. On 16/5, the Norwegian striker contributed 1 goal in a 4-0 victory over Schalke.

According to commentator Singh, the Norwegian striker has his own identity and difference. Erling Haaland also possesses a strong personality and never wants to become the shadow of Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo, the two famous goalscoring machines of world football. “At the end of the day, Haaland is still himself. He owns many characteristics”, Singh emphasized.

Singh said that the more Haaland shines, the more headache Dortmund will have. They are difficult to retain this talented striker. History shows that many stars like Mario Goetze, Nurin Sahin, or Roberto Lewandowski have chosen Signal Iduna Park as a launching pad to find a new and more ambitious new club.

During the winter transfer period, Haaland had the opportunity to go to England for competition. Man United is said to want to own this striker. However, the teen striker decided to choose Signal Iduna Park as the stopping point. This is considered a smart decision by Haaland because he sees a lot of value in the Ruhr team.

Haaland asserts his bravery

At Dortmund, the pressure on Erling Haaland was not too great. The Bundesliga is also the place for the 19-year-old striker to improve his playing skills, as well as the bravery to step up to a new level. Only at Signal Iduna Park did Haaland find that. Go to MU, things will be more complicated and difficult because the “Red Devils” have not found stability.

The Bundesliga is where Haaland asserts its bravery
The Bundesliga is where Haaland asserts its bravery

“In the Bundesliga, the biggest club is Bayern Munich, where striker Robert Lewandowski is playing well. Lewy’s level is not in question. However, Bayern has to think about the ‘post-Lewandowski’ era. They cannot just depend on or Waiting for Lewy forever. Time is the biggest enemy for any striker, including Lewandowski, “Singh said.

Fox Sports commentator believes Haaland has only been with Dortmund for a few years, then the striker can go to Bayern to replace Lewandowski or to Real Madrid and Barca. The Norwegian striker is only 19 years old, but in terms of maturity and age, this striker appears to be “superior” to his peers, specifically Jadon Sancho.

Haaland proved to be older than his age
Haaland proved to be older than his age

“Haaland has a good resume. I also see him as a striker with a natural talent. In terms of maturity, Haaland appears to be older than others. Here, I am not saying Sancho is immature, but if compared to the level of aging, Haaland is clearly above Sancho. And when the opportunity comes, he will go to Real or Barca. I do not see Erling Haaland sticking with Dortmund for long “, BLV Singh ended.