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Groningen vs PSV Eindhoven – Eredivisie prediction

Eredivisie prediction

The way to find the glory of PSV Eindhoven seems to be a lot of difficulties when at this moment in the club’s lineup there are not many notable names.

Marching to Groningen’s field in the first round of the Dutch National Championship this week may not be easy for the team to leave with full joy. Although in the past, PSV Eindhoven won 10, drew 5, and lost only 2 matches against Groningen.

But with bad results in the friendly stage to prepare for the new season, the team’s ability to win seems to be quite unpredictable. On the other side, the Groningen host, although very hard to play in a friendly match before the new season, but what they gained is indeed not much.

Welcoming a team with a long track record like PSV Eindhoven will be a very difficult challenge that requires the homeowner to play hard if he does not want to suffer empty-handed on the first day of the new season.

No exaggeration to say that this is an extremely favorite opponent of PSV Eindhoven when, at 4 times the nearest clash they win, including last season they won particular 3-1 and 1-0 away. Along with what the two teams represent in series of friendly matches recently also showed that the home team is underdog than rivals, not to mention last season, they have fewer rivals to 14 points 26 games. So, the Eredivisie prediction expert thinks that the ability to have a good posture and win the first match of the home team at Philips is considered not a too difficult task.

Sparta Rotterdam vs Ajax

Eredivisie prediction

The 2019-20 season is the first season in Dutch football history to have an unidentified champion. However, getting first place after 25 rounds when equaling points with AZ, but more on the auxiliary index helps Ajax not need to attend the qualifying round but still be present in the group stage of the Champions League this season.

The matches between the two teams in the past often played out exciting with many goals scored. Specifically, the last 8/10 matches between the two teams to Tai. Sparta Rotterdam 8 consecutive games to welcome Ajax at home also has a similar scenario. However, there are many reasons to believe that the possibility of more than 3 goals is difficult to appear in this opening round.

First, Ajax sold some of its important pillars and reduced the team’s strength quite a bit. Besides, fitness as well as the feeling in the opening round is still a big question mark for the fans.

In fact, Ajax is not a name that plays so well on away field. Remember that in the last 10 matches played away from home, this team also lost 5 matches. Even 3/4 of the latest away match of Ajax’s attack could not be scored. That can completely make this match have few goals appear. Eredivisie prediction experts and they thought that the Under option in this match was still safer.