MU has reaped benefit most from VAR in the EPL this season

MU is benefiting most from the decisions of VAR technology in the EPL this season with a large difference in rankings.


MU is benefiting most from the decisions of VAR technology 

MU has benefited greatly from VAR technology to avoid defeat against Everton in the 28th EPL round. Goalkeeper De Gea was conceded in injury time after the shot of striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin. However, the goal was not recognized after the VAR technology detected the offside of Gylfi Sigurdsson.

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This is not the first time MU has benefited from VAR technology in the EPL this season. ESPN said coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team is benefiting from VAR decisions more than any other EPL team.

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VAR technology helps MU escape before Everton - EPL
VAR technology helps MU escape before Everton

Specifically, VAR has 10 times to intervene in MU’s matches, including 9 beneficial decisions to help them get an additional 8 points. Brighton benefits second-most by adding 7 points.

Meanwhile, the giants Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and Leicester have hardly earned any benefit from VAR with an extra point.

Sheffield United are suffering most from VAR this season - EPL
Sheffield United are suffering most from VAR this season

However, the teams are still lucky enough not to lose points from VAR technology decisions like Sheffield United. The dark horse team in the EPL lost up to 6 points from VAR’s adverse decisions. Anyway, the rookie tournament still surprised with the 8th position, only 5 points lower than the Top 4 and 1 match left.

VAR affects the scores of EPL clubs

Crystal Palace+5
Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham, Newcastle+1
Arsenal, Everton-2
Aston Villa-3
Chelsea, West Ham-4
Norwich, Wolves-5
Sheffield United-6

Manchester United is the team that has benefited the most from video assistant referees in the English Premier League.


VAR once again saved Manchester United by destroying Everton’s goal in the last minute of injury time, helping Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team leave with a point. The assistants in several videos offer controversial advice. In fact, this is also one of the very rare situations although the ball is very clear for both the referee, the player and the audience.

As explained by the Professional Arbitration Association, VAR determined that Gylfi Sigurdsson was “in an offside position that directly blocks David de Gea’s vision and takes actions that clearly affect de’s ability to block. Gea “. The Everton midfielder was determined to be involved, so the referee canceled Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s goal because of an offside error.

 The endless debate about VAR
The endless debate about VAR

However, this explanation did not convince many people, especially the fans, Everton players and coach Carlo Ancelotti, who was shown a red card for reacting to the referee. VAR has received no fewer than once in the EPL this season, because despite the help of technology, the final decision still carries a heavy human element. Therefore, the team that has suffered more reason to not believe in the correctness of the video assistant referees.

In addition, VAR in the EPL this season creates the feeling that Manchester United are favored. Fans on the social network nicknamed the Old Trafford team is Man-checkVAR United or VARchester United, as the Daily Mail called. The Reds are the team that has benefited the most from VAR since the beginning of the season.

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In 10 times VAR advised the referee to change the decision in MU matches, up to nine times this team benefited. The next teams are Brighton, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Southampton respectively. In contrast, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Norwich, West Ham and Chelsea are the most disadvantaged teams from VAR.

The only time EPL VAR made MU disadvantage occurred in the match between the Reds and Arsenal. The original referee did not recognize Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s goal but later changed his mind. After that, all the times VAR appeared on the big screen in MU’s matches led to a decision in favor of this team.
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