Hot race Top 4 Premier League: “Five tigers” compete for 1 slot

The Top 4 EPL table in the Premier League race is becoming extremely hot with unexpected successive results. Will MU be able to enter the group of the 4 present-strongest teams?

EPL table

MU’s dramatic draw

The 28th round of the EPL table is the most surprising round since the beginning of the season. Liverpool, which is the present leading team, lost miserably the position advantage in the EPL Table when losing to penultimate team Watford 0-3. Suddenly followed by surprise when the team ranked third, Leicester also fell at home and Chelsea also only 1 point against Bournemouth ịn the EPL table.

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Bruno Fernandes brought back the equalizer for MU in EPL table
Bruno Fernandes brought back the equalizer for MU in EPL table

These results make the Top 4 EPL table race increasingly hot. MU has a great opportunity to shorten the gap with the team ranked fourth to only 1 point if winning on the pitch of Everton. Meanwhile, the sixth and eighth teams, Tottenham and Wolves, face off directly, while the seventh team, Sheffield United, does not play.

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Solskjaer coach and his students soon received bitterly cold water on Goodison Park as De Gea carelessly conceded from the 3rd-minute. However, Bruno Fernandes shone with a surprising long-range shot to equalize the score inside the first half.

The second half was only really good in the last minutes when Ighalo missed at close range while Everton did not recognize the controversial goal. Once again, the VAR mechanism brought back beneficial outcomes for MU. The “Red Devils” are struggling to get a point, but only earned 42 points / 28 matches and is temporarily holding the 5th position in the rankings.

Ranking of the top 10 teams of the English EPL table
Ranking of the top 10 teams of the English EPL table

“Five tigers” compete for 1 slot

Because in the match at the same time, Tottenham lost against Wolves at home. This is the match Jose Mourinho has found the solution to score against the opponent and has 2 times to take the lead. However, crafts like playing “dreaming” of “Rooster” have conceded 3 times to make the efforts of the strikers become “salt to break”.

This defeat caused Tottenham to lose 6th place to the hands of Wolves. Army of coach Nuno Santo has the same 42 points as MU but is inferior distance. Having said that, these positions can still be changeable by Sheffield United still in the match confronting with Aston Villa.

If they win dominantly all 3 points, MU will be dragged down one level distant by 1 point and similarly Wolves. The EPL table only has 10 rounds left to finish and the race to the Top 4 to get a Champions League place next season has never been so appealing with 5 teams competing for 1 remaining slot with a maximum difference of only 5 points.

"Five tigers" compete for 1 slot ( Exhibited)
“Five tigers” compete for 1 slot ( Exhibited)

Goalkeeper De Gea made 7 mistakes, MU: Worst in the EPL table 

MU “nearly dead” in Goodison Park, with an extremely bad mistake of David de Gea. However, what makes the fans more worried, is the marked decline of the Spanish goalkeeper.

 De Gea made a mistake at the Everton draw, dragged down the team in the EPL table
De Gea made a mistake at the Everton draw, dragged down the team in the EPL table 

Things are getting worse for David de Gea personally. After many years as the “burden of the team”, De Gea is now becoming the burden of the team with consecutive mistakes. From the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League with Barcelona at the Nou Camp last season to the Everton draw at Goodison this season, the horrific mistakes that turned De Gea into a mediocre goalkeeper, made preliminary mistakes, which cause a disadvantage for his team in the EPL table and the throne of the championship.

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De Gea is losing motivation?

More importantly, those mistakes made MU pay very expensive prices. Last season, in the “final” top 4 EPL table with Chelsea, De Gea also made a mistake that made Jose Mourinho’s army unable to beat Chelsea and become the Champions League audience this season. And recently, De Gea also made MU unable to close the gap with the opponent.

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