EPL Result today: Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool: Lose the 2nd match in a row

A few days after the shock defeat to Watford in the Premier League arena, Liverpool continued to receive defeat as a guest of Chelsea in the FA Cup playground in the EPL result today. Despite being the main field, “Redman” still proved inferior, at least in terms of attack. If the crossbar did not save twice for Liverpool, Klopp’s teachers and students had to leave with a heavy defeat.

Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool: Losing the second match in a row, The Kop bid farewell to the FA Cup

Goals scored: Willian (13); Barkley (64)

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Summary: Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

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EPL result today: Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool: Unexpected defeat
EPL result today:Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool: Unexpected defeat

Before the fifth round of the FA Cup 2019/20, Chelsea EPL’s result today fell into a catastrophic decline when it won only the last 2/8 matches in all competitions (losing 3). In particular, there are much shame such as a 0-2 defeat in EPL result today to MU or a 0-3 defeat against Bayern. What’s worse is that both of those losses took place at the Stamford Bridge. Last weekend, Chelsea also did not play well against Bournemouth and it was only thanks to a 2-2 equalizer at the end of the match of Marcos Alonso that they regained 1 point.

At this time, coach Frank Lampard’s machine had a lot of problems. Their defensive ability is very bad when not once kept clean sheets in the last 8 matches. The last time Chelsea were white was in a 3-0 victory over Burnley on 11/1. Coach Lampard constantly rotated the center-backs in his hand, but no one brought great peace of mind.

The attack of the Blues also does not play well. Olivier Giroud tried hard but could not be the owner of the Blues. Meanwhile, Michy Batshuayi was clearly disappointed. Tammy Abraham’s greatest hope was hurt again and Abraham himself was in decline after the early sublimation season.

In terms of force, this is also the period of the Chelsea injury crisis. Many pillars of the Blues don’t have the best stamina. In the end, even Lampard’s tactical choices also caused fans to ask questions? Recently, Lampard has continued to use the 3-4-3 scheme. However, this diagram of the 3 central defenders caused the Blues to reveal a lot of space behind the 2 wing-backs (wing run).

Lineup match Chelsea vs Liverpool for EPL result today
Lineup match Chelsea vs Liverpool for EPL result today

Why losing to Chelsea will help Liverpool near the Premier League throne?

Liverpool received their second defeat in just three days for EPL result today, this time against Chelsea in the fifth round of the FA Cup, thereby breaking up the oldest tournament in England. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for teachers and coach Juergen Klopp.

Since losing to Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League, Liverpool has to experience defeat more often. The proof is the “Red Brigade” has fallen two games in a row, respectively 0-3 against Watford in the English Premier League, and the latest is 0-2 against Chelsea in the FA Cup.

Liverpool will now focus on winning the Premier League
Liverpool will now focus on winning the Premier League 

However, all these bad results, especially the two defeats against Watford and Chelsea, will likely make Liverpool feel … relieved. Klopp’s army now no longer struggles to follow the record of winning or losing unbeaten matches in the Premier League, as well as distracted by the secondary arena FA Cup.

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Therefore, thanks to EPL result today, Liverpool will be able to devote all of their efforts to the second-leg loss to Atletico in the 1/8 round of the Champions League and advance to the EPL title for the first time in club history.

What does LIVERPOOL need to do to be championed EPL?

EPL result today

Just won the next 4 rounds, Liverpool will be crowned Premier League despite the results from City. If Liverpool beat Chelsea in the FA Cup match last night, then the match between them and Crystal Palace in the Premier League on March 21 will be delayed because of the quarterfinal schedule. However, this will not happen again because Liverpool have lost, and the plan will follow the original schedule.

Therefore, if Man City continue to win in the next few rounds, that means Liverpool will become the new king when they encounter the Green Man at Etihad Stadium on April 5. Theoretically, Liverpool needs to beat Bournemouth, Everton, Palace, and earn at least one point against City to win the championship. In case Liverpool loses to Man City, “Red Brigade” needs 1 more victory to win.


If this happens, a lot of things will change. On March 8, Man City will have a great battle with Man United. Nearly a week later, The Citizens will welcome Burnley.

If Man City loses one of these two matches, Liverpool will stand the chance to win the Premier League against Palace on March 21.

And in case Man City loses both matches, Liverpool will be crowned when they defeat Everton at Goodison Park on March 16.

On March 21, City will meet Chelsea in the Premier League. However, because Chelsea has reached the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, the match against Man City will need to be rescheduled. The exact time and date are not yet known, but it is likely that the compensatory match will take place after the match between Man City – Liverpool on April 5, because the end of March will be the time for the national team rally.


Over the weekend, the match between Man City and Arsenal was postponed due to the entanglement of the League Cup final. According to the organizing committee of the Premier League, this compensatory match will take place on 12/3.

More matches must be kicked, which means Man City is in danger of dropping the score. And if Liverpool beat Bournemouth and Green Man lose to Manchester United, Arsenal and Burnley, Liverpool will become the new Premier League king when they guest against Everton at Goodison Park on March 16.

In general, regardless of the scenario, Liverpool is getting closer and closer to the Premier League title 2019/20 owning to the recent EPL result today.

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