EPL News: Risk of “closing” because of Covid-19

According to the latest EPL news from the foggy country, the British football federation is forced to take into account reluctant plans to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Europe EPL news

In Europe today, as the records of many EPL news, Italy is the country most heavily affected by the outbreak of Covid-19. As of 2/3, the number of Covid-19 infections here has increased to 2,036, the number of deaths is 52 people.

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EPL news

The stands will be vacant if the epidemic spreads strongly in the UK, EPL news

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Facing the above situation, the Serie A organizing committee had to postpone a lot of matches in the 26th round, paying attention to the centerpiece match of Derby d’Italia between Juventus – Inter Milan.

Most recently, the European Union (EU) raised the alert to Covid-19 from medium to high levels as the number of cases in this area is increasing rapidly, especially in Italy.

Despite the good control of the UK, 40 people are still infected with Covid-19. During an emergency meeting at Cobra on March 2, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized that the pandemic could be fully spread in the foggy island nation if it does not act soon.

Sports events in the foggy island nation are expected to be delayed or allowed but on the condition of not crowding.

This EPL news means that the Football Association of England (FA) will be forced to consider plans to close the stadium if the pandemic loses control in the UK.

The Sun Sports magazine, EPL news reporters,  the ongoing tournaments such as the Premier League, FA Cup, Championship … will be forced to accept regulations from the British Government in the event of an emergency notification because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, it is not excluded that the Premier League curtain-closing phase will take place in a state of no audience. If that becomes a reality, clubs are the ones who will be most affected by revenue, especially those dependent on the economy mainly from ticket sales. Even the big teams, terrible economic potentials like MU or Man City will be affected more or less. Therefore, the FA will have to consider financial support.

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But not only the tournaments in England …

To the latest source of the EPL news, but not only the tournaments in England, other countries like Spain, France, Germany … are also very worried because there is no time to organize compensatory football if the games have to be postponed. Even the UEFA Champions League is facing many difficulties.

The reason is that after this season, the Euro 2020 finals will take place on 12/6. Therefore, the plan to organize matches without spectators is considered the most optimal.

During the emergency meeting, the European Football Federation (UEFA) also mentioned the possibilities if Covid-19 broke out. The view of UEFA is not to postpone matches except for force majeure circumstances. The Champions League and the Europa League still follow the scheduled schedule.

Premier League matches will not have an audience? - EPL news
Premier League matches will not have an audience?

However, UEFA responds to journalism and EPL news, UEFA still believes that there is no reason to change the schedule of the Euro 2020 finals that will start on 12/6. Said UEFA spokesman that UEFA had been in contact with the national and international authorities and other stakeholders to keep abreast of the coronavirus developments. Recently, the tournament schedule remains as planned and nothing has changed. This matter will be under close supervision. 
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