EPL is in a mess, 6 giants and small clubs are in fierce conflict

The recent emergency meeting of 20 English Premier League (EPL) clubs has witnessed fierce verbal battles. However, the time the teams returned to practice and play has gradually cleared.

EPL has reached an agreement

Last night (April 17, local time), representatives of the Organizing Committee and 20 EPL clubs met online to discuss important plans when the 2019/20 season is still postponed after 29 The round for pandemic Covid-19 raged.

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EPL is in a mess, 6 giants and small clubs are in fierce conflict
The Premier League teams can return to practice in small groups (5 players / group) after 1 month to prepare to play.

The government has yet to make any special announcement regarding football as the social order of reform is still being enforced. However, according to the prestigious English daily Daily Mail, the EPL clubs have proposed a potential plan for the players to return to training from May 18 and play from 3 weeks later. with the potential of June 8.

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A CEO of one of the “six” (Big Six) of the English Premier League (EPL) has also called on the organizers and clubs to end this season by June 30 at the latest.

Also in this online meeting, a fierce conflict occurred in the context of about 80 contracts of players in the English Premier League is about to expire also on June 30. There is still no agreement from the clubs on whether these players have an extension of the contract or will have to leave the host team when they become a free agent from July 1.

EPL is in a mess, 6 giants and small clubs are in fierce conflict
The remaining matches of the English Premier League this season will likely take place in the state of the audience not being able to play

Many small and medium clubs may want to cut back on spending

Big EPL Six (MU, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham) want these players in the context that they have to fight for the big goals at the end of the season when the 2019/20 season will surely It took a long time because of Covid-19.

They also want to play the remaining nine rounds of the English Premier League and are ready to play until August to end this season because of their European Cup qualification and receive a generous prize from the television rights.

Meanwhile, many small and medium clubs may want to cut back on spending and they are willing to part with players who are about to expire at the end of June to narrow down their payroll.

Representatives from the “Big Six” teams want to return to the online meeting to continue to discuss this issue on May 1.

SunSport said that the English Premier League needs to end the 2019/20 season with the remaining 92 matches by August this year at the latest to avoid revenue loss of up to £ 1 billion. Clubs in the Premier League can apply the method of dividing into groups of 5 players practicing on the pitch as the way some teams in the Bundesliga applied from 2 weeks ago.

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EPL teams also need to thoroughly test whether their players are infected with Covid-19 before returning to practice and play.

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