EPL Highlights round 28th Premier League

Round 28 of the Premier League ended with unsatisfactory EPL highlights results for the giants. In particular, Liverpool has experienced the first time to fail in this 2019/20 season.

Liverpool lost to Watford carpet - EPL highlights

Liverpool lost to Watford carpet

Bitter Lose- Liverpool

Important EPL highlights, on a day when the stars of the “Red Brigade” played badly, Liverpool lost 0-3 at Watford. The one who engulfed the defending champion of the Champions League was Ismaila Sarr with 2 goals and 1 assist. Thus, Liverpool officially broke the unbeaten string in the 2019/20 season, missing the opportunity to reproduce Arsenal’s “05/05 Invincible” shot.

This was really a difficult round against the Big Six team. Except for the great battle of Man City – Arsenal was postponed, all the remaining 4 giants did not win. MU bogged 1-1 on Everton’s pitch, while Chelsea was also 2-2 held by Bournemouth. Tragically, coach Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham lost 2-3 very bitterly on Wolves pitch. And the whole team ranked third is Leicester also lost 0-1 at Norwich yard.

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The result in round 28 did not change Liverpool’s dominance in the championship race, because even when Man City won against Arsenal, the distance between the leading team and the second-ranked team was 19 points. However, the race to win tickets to the Champions League is becoming hotter than ever, as even Leicester is also in danger of “dropping” in the end of the season.

MU also had trouble on Everton - EPL highlights

MU also had trouble on Everton

Leicester is only 5 points ahead of Chelsea. Chelsea is better than MU and Wolves is equal to the distance of a win. If Sheffield wins Aston Villa in the match, they will take the 5th place from MU, and narrow the gap with Chelsea to 2 points. From the 11th to 4th placed teams are now just 8 points behind each other, while the season still has 10 rounds to go. So, the giants will have to be afraid of emerging competitors like Wolves, Sheffield or even Burnley.

Result of round 28 Premier League

  1. Norwich 1-0 Leicester
  1. Aston Villa – Sheffield United: Postponement
  1. Brighton 0-1 Crystal Palace
  1. Bournemouth 2-2 Chelsea
  1. Newcastle 0-0 Burnley
  1. West Ham 3-1 Southampton
  1. Watford 3-0 Liverpool
  1. Man City – Arsenal: Postponement
  1. Everton 1-1 MU
  1. Tottenham 2-3 Wolves


EPL highlights

EPL highlights: Liverpool lost the first match, Bruno Fernandes continued to shine

1/ Liverpool lost their first match in the Premier League

Point out the first one in EPL highlights, Liverpool only had to meet Watford, the 19th ranked team in the English Premier League after 27 rounds. The thought Klopp teachers and students will continue to have an easy match, but they were disappointed to lose 0-3. It was the match that the home side tapped into the position of Lovren, who had their first starting match since December last year.

EPL highlights
Liverpool lost to Watford 0-3

The 3-3 defeat to Watford was Liverpool’s first defeat in the EPL highlights this season. The opportunity to end the season with an unbeaten record was smashed with Klopp’s teachers and students, they also missed a series of records after their first defeat in the Premier League.

This EPL highlight defeat made Liverpool’s unbeaten series in the Premier League stop at 44, five matches less than Arsenal’s record. Not only that, Liverpool were unable to set a record 19 consecutive wins in the Premier League. They still have the record of winning 18 consecutive matches with Man City.

The chance of championship is still within the reach of the Red Brigade. The gap between them and the second-ranked team is Man City is still 22 points, if the Green Man wins Arsenal in the match, the gap is still up to 19 points while the season is only 10 rounds.

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2/ Fierce race Top 4

Next EPL highlights are placed on the Top 4 race is going on very drastically. Chelsea is the team that competes earlier than MU and Tottenham, The Blues need to win 3 points against Bournemouth, thereby putting pressure on direct opponents in the race to win the Champions League next season. However, Lampard’s teachers were disappointed when letting Bournemouth draw with a score of 2-2.

EPL highlights
Chelsea draw Bournemouth 2-2

Chelsea could not win against Bournemouth, but the gap with MU and Tottenham was not shortened, because the Reds and Spurs could not win in this round. MU conceded from the 3rd minute on Everton’s field after the mistake of goalkeeper David de Gea, they needed the shine of Bruno Fernandes to get a 1-1 draw.

In 4 EPL highlights matches of Fernandes in the Premier League, United made EPL highlights, unbeaten with 2 victories and 2 draws, scoring 6 goals and only 1 conceding. Fernandes participated in 4 of these 6 goals with 2 direct goals and 2 assists for the team. The 80 million euros contract is becoming the soul of Red Man’s play.

As for Tottenham, was kicked at home but they lost 2-3 before Wolves. This is the third consecutive defeat of Jose Mourinho’s teachers and students on all fronts, the absence of Son and Kane is making Spurs face too many difficulties.

Bruno Fernandes helped MU to draw Everton 1-1
Bruno Fernandes helped MU to draw Everton 1-1

So after round 28, Chelsea is still ranked 4th, but the gap with MU and Wolves is only 3 points. “Wolves” do not play too prominent, but mistakenly move forward with impressive results. With the instability of the big teams, Nuno Santo teachers and students have the opportunity to finish the season in one of the top four positions at the end of the season.

Although Tottenham is 5 points less than the Blues, there is still a chance to get into the Top 4, because the season still has 10 more rounds to close. Opportunities also remain with Sheffield United, Burnley, Everton and Arsenal, who are behind Tottenham on the table.

3/ Leicester extended the series of disappointments

Leicester is the earliest team to compete in the 28th round of the English Premier League 2019/20, “Foxes” as guests on the pitch of Norwich, the team is ranked bottom. Despite being much appreciated, the King Power team was disappointed to lose 0-1 to “Canaries”.

4/ Leicester extended the series of disappointments

Last but not least in the EPL highlights, Leicester is the earliest team to compete in the 28th round of the English Premier League 2019/20 and in EPL highlights, “Foxes” as guests on the pitch of Norwich, the team is ranked bottom. Despite being much appreciated, the King Power team was disappointed to lose 0-1 to “Canaries”.

Leicester lost 1-0 to Norwich
Leicester lost 1-0 to Norwich

This loss extends the bad performance of “Foxes”. Most noticeable EPL highlights, Leicester had 5 matches without knowing the smell of victory, including 3 losses and 2 draws. In the last 4 rounds in the Premier League, Vardy and his teammates could not win, including 2 defeats and 2 draws.

They still hold the 3rd position in the rankings, the English Premier League, but the gap with the following teams has been significantly shortened. The EPL highlight is Leicester is 5 points ahead of Chelsea, the gap with MU and Wolves is 8 points. That is a relatively large difference, but if they keep playing like this, the possibility of being knocked out of the Top 4 is quite possible.
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