EPL fixture – Premier League 29 round: Great battle MU vs Man C

Update schedule of the round 29 English Premier League – The focus of this round is definitely the confrontation between MU vs Man City.

EPL fixture

EPL Fixture – ROUND 29

7/319h30Liverpool vs Bournemouth

22h00Wolves vs Brighton

Arsenal vs West Ham

Southampton vs Newcastle

Sheffield vs Norwich

Crystal Palace vs Watford
8/30h30Burnley vs Tottenham

21h00Chelsea vs Everton

23h30MU vs Man City
10/33h00Leicester vs Aston Villa

EPL fixture, Round 29

Premier League and EPL fixtures have only 10 rounds left, starting from round 29. In this round, MU against City at Old Trafford is the most awaiting confrontation.

Opening the 29th round will be the match between Liverpool vs Bournemouth. The Kop just unexpectedly collapsed in round 28, before the penultimate team Watford. Continuing to face a team in the relegation race in this round, Liverpool needs certain caution if it is not for the spirit of the rest of the season, especially in the return leg with Atletico Madrid affected.

The remaining matches have the presence of Arsenal and a series of teams in the hot relegation race like Norwich, Southampton or West Ham.

With Man Utd facing Man City this round, they are in danger of losing fifth place if they can not win all 3 points.

 Great War of Man in the EPL fixture 29th round ( Exhibited)
Great War of Man in the EPL fixture 29th round ( Exhibited)

The two teams ranked behind MU are Wolves (equal to points – less difference) and Tottenham (less than 2 points). With just having to meet Brighton in this round, Wolves is a name full of hope to occupy the position of MU. Meanwhile, Tottenham certainly aims for 3 points completely despite having to make visitors to the pitch of the quite annoying midsize team Burnley.

The fourth-place journey is also a big question for this team, they will have to face Everton of Ancelotti – a team of course not reliant on the Blues.

Finally, MU after a series of 6 unbeaten matches on all fronts (5 matches in the UK) will welcome Man City at the Theater of Dreams. Whether the Red Devils will end the series of sublimation matches, or overcome difficulties to win a place in the group to attend the European Cup. Man City has practically no chance in the English Premier League ( EPL fixture) this year, but at any moment, both Manchester City teams will enter this fiery derby with the highest pride.

The focus of attention on round 29 

The focus of attention on round 29 took place at Old Trafford, where MU welcomed the rivalry with the city – Man City. In the first derby in early December 2019, the Green Man was burning with enthusiasm with 15 consecutive rounds without losing, of which 14 victories were defeated by the “Red Devils” at Etihad.

The main defeat with a score of 1-2 before the opponent of the same city made the Green Man fell into a loss and then was left behind by Liverpool in the championship race. Currently, Pep Guardiola’s army is 22 points behind The Kop (73 compared to 75).

More than ever, Man City wants to pay off the debt in the first leg. However, the triumphal track at Old Trafford is not a simple matter for the Green Man, especially in the context that MU is on the way back with the inspiration from rookie Bruno Fernandes.

EPL fixture
MU is on the way back with the inspiration from Bruno Fernandes (Exhibited)

Since the time the Portuguese midfielder appeared in the squad, the “Red Devils” have gone through a series of 6 unbeaten matches on all fronts. Individual Fernandes also contributed significantly with 3 goals, 2 assists, and a great influence on the team’s play.

MU confront Man City, regardless of the result, the remaining 4 representatives in the big Six group including Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham will benefit. In this round 29, the top team Liverpool will welcome Bournemouth. This is considered an opportunity for The Kop to regain its form after a stunning 3-3 defeat to Watford.

Like Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham in the EPL fixture are all at ease, when they encounter opponents located in the second half of the table. Only Chelsea has doubted their ability to pocket 3 points when they met Everton, the team in the EPL fixture is on the way back under the guidance of coach Carlos Ancelotti.
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