English Premier League 2020: in China or hiring private islands

The English Premier League 2020 is still completely paralyzed, while the requirement to complete the last 9 rounds is almost mandatory, if not want heavy consequences.

Terrible pressure on the Premier League

9 rounds with 92 unfinished matches made the English Premier League 2020 fall into a difficult situation. This tournament will cost £ 762 million in television royalties if the 2019/20 season fails to finish due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This huge sum is compensation for breach of contract terms agreed to broadcast Premier League rights in the UK and around the world.

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Premier League can compete outside of England
Premier League can compete outside of England

According to the Daily Mail, many clubs are determined to compete, even though they cannot sell tickets, to receive the pay of the television royalties. The spending of these clubs, especially the salaries of their players – is so high that they are afraid that it will not exist without a television royalty. Most clubs accept the option to kick on the field without the audience, losing from 5 to 10 million pounds of tickets, but in return for television rights are huge.

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That is why the Tottenham club recently approved to let Jose Mourinho’s students and coaches return to practice again, despite the British government’s order of social isolation. Most clubs want matches to continue and the players are regularly checked. The training ground will be sealed and the player wrapped in a “sterile bag” to protect them from virus infection.

Premier League kicking in … China?

The British government is currently applying social isolation to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. But according to the Independent, this plan can apply to England from 2 to 6 months. This will put the English Premier League 2020 at risk of not being able to kick the remaining 92 matches, and the damage will be extremely terrible.

This fact is causing the Premier League organizers to come up with specific and faster options. Unable to play in stadiums in the UK, even if it is an unpopulated stadium, tournament leaders are considering studying the UFC martial arts tournament.

Recently, President Dana White decided to rent a private island, then brought the fighters back to the stage at the UFC 249. This place will be strictly controlled for the safety of the fighters. and the guests came.

Liverpool can win the Premier League in China or somewhere else
Liverpool can win the Premier League in China or somewhere else

The Daily Mail quoted an internal source from a member of the Football Association as saying that it is entirely possible that the remaining 92 matches will be held outside the UK border. If possible, the option of hiring a private island to organize matches – where there are conditions to ensure the yard, accommodation and especially afford to serve television, will be considered. 

In addition, the English Premier League 2020 can also bring all 20 teams to a country they believe is safe enough to kick the league. China – although the source of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now one of the countries that have managed to control the disease. Especially in this country, the requirements of the pitch, the television as well as the work of ensuring the safety of the players can be met.

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