England vs San Marino Prediction | 25/03/2021 | World Cup

This is expected to be a matchup where the complete dominance will belong to the Three Lions. Let’s follow England vs San Marino Prediction.

England will kick off his European Regional 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign this year by welcoming his supposedly gentle rival San Marino in his opening game.

England vs San Marino Prediction


  • Match date: 26 March 2021, 02:45
  • Event: Qualifying round – Group I
  • Stage: Matchday 1st


England vs San Marino Prediction

  England vs San Marino Prediction:

Asian handicap  England vs San Marino Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 7.0

With a superior level along with the advantage of the field will definitely help England be the name that has received the absolute trust of the bookmakers compared to San Marino through the handicap of 7. The huge difference in The human resources side will make the guests able to withstand the pressure from the home team.

England still has for himself a group of talented successors, along with the stability of each match will help the Three Lions become an extremely heavy counterweight to any opponent. A task that is too difficult for San Marino, especially when the ball is only in the stage of daily development, makes it difficult for them to face the current top European giants. Statistics show that San Marino has not been able to get any victory when having to march away from home since August 2018.

The number is not enough if you know that England have only lost 1 match at their Wembley home field during the past 3 years. The advantage of superior personnel will definitely help England have a completely controlled posture of San Marino and get 3 points for his debut.

In the next match, UK team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: UK -3 HT, UK -7 FT

Over Under   

Odds: 7.75

The inability to have an expected group stage in Nations League A at the end of last year and officially being eliminated from this tournament has made England somewhat under pressure.

Surely the Three Lions will not want to go back to their own tracks in the upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign. He falls into a group that is considered to be quite gentle and is the top champion, they will definitely need to show their position.

Meanwhile, with San Marino, this team is not an impressive name in the Nations League in 2020. Not being able to get any victory after 4 games played makes them unable to have a promotion rate. Certain limitations will definitely prevent San Marino from creating many surprises in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and having to march to England in the first leg will obviously be a challenge for them. 

The match that the home team will certainly be the team that dominates the game completely and it is likely that there will be many goals scored.

Therefore, our expert believes that OVER will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction: OVER 

England vs San Marino Prediction

Final Scores: England vs San Marino Prediction 

→ Our prediction of the match result: 

  • England 4-0 San Marino HT
  •  England 8-0 San Marino FT

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: updating
  • Select: UK to win (Full Time)

It is not surprising that England completely destroyed San Marino in all 4 of the past clashes of these two teams with extremely different scores. Obviously the correlation is too large in terms of class that will help Rashford and his teammates easily carry out their calculations and have a favorable opening in the first international stage of 2021.

Expected Team 


England (4-1-2-3): Pope, Alexander-Arnold – Maguire – Stones – Shaw, Dier, Saka – Mount, Sancho – Kane – Rashford.

San Marino (4-3-1-2):  Simoncini, D’Addario – Vitaioli – Simoncini – Palazzi, Linadei – Censoni – Giardi, Gasperoni, Berardi – Bernardi.