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EFL Cup prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Middlesbrough vs Shrewsbury Town – EFL Cup prediction

EFL Cup prediction

The season has not started yet, but with the tournament ending later than every year the player’s form has not been affected too much. The home team Middlesbrough has only played 1 friendly match in the past, but their recent performance is not too bad. The last 5 matches, including 3 wins and 2 defeats, can be seen that the home team is in relatively stable performance.

They scored 7 goals but also conceded 8 times in the last 5 matches, it can be seen that the attack is only maintained at an acceptable level while the defense is not too sure. However, only having to welcome the team from the lower division, perhaps there is no need to worry too much about their home team to win this match.

Looking to the other side of the away line Shrewsbury, although determined, statistics did not show that. In the last 5 matches, they lost 3 and only won 2 matches, moreover, the number of wins and losses kept alternating showing that they did not have a stable performance. In the last 5 matches, they have scored 6 goals to concede 8 times, with just the opponents in the 2nd division but this is very difficult facing a Middlesbrough.

Last season the away team finished 16th when the season ended and there was a safe distance from the relegation team, but that’s all they could do. As the EFL Cup prediction, having to be a guest on the Middlesbrough field is likely to be a defeat for Shrewsbury.

Burton Albion vs Accrington Stanley

EFL Cup prediction

3/5 recent matches between these two teams ended with a maximum of 2 goals. In which, Burton Albion is a team with a defensive play at this time. This team always actively plays slowly in many matches. The attacking line of this team does not have the ability to score explosive because of this play.

Meanwhile, Burton’s defense has not shown a certainty when conceding very often in matches. With regular conceding, most of Burnton’s matches are quite high. 3/5 recent matches of this team ended with the results of 3 or more goals. In particular, Burton Albion has scored in 4/5 matches and has 3/4 matches, this team scored 2 goals. However, Burton Albion has also conceded in 4/5 matches and 3/4 matches this team has conceded from 2 or more goals. As EFL Cup prediction, with this situation, the possibility of Burnton continuing to concede in the next match is quite high.

Meanwhile, Accrington Stanley is also a team with a pretty poor game at the moment. This team is also not having a strong attack line. The number of goals that Accrington has in each match is very low.

On the contrary, the defense of this team conceded very often. Even the number of goals they have to lose in each match is not low. With Accrington Stanley’s style, most matches are usually pretty high. 3/5 recent matches of this team ended with the results of 3 or more goals. In particular, Accrington scored in 3/5 matches, and all 3 matches this team scored only 1 goal. However, Accrington also conceded in 3/5 matches, and all 3 matches this team conceded from 2 goals or more.

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