Edin Dzeko, The True Leader In Rome

3 months ago, Edin Dzeko officially took over the armband of AS Roma. Although the time is not much, this Bosnian player has proved his leadership in the team of betel nut on and off the pitch.

Edin Dzeko, The True Leader In Rome

Edin Dzeko, the true leader in Rome

These days, the Romans look towards the legendary Agostino Di Bartolomei. The former captain of Rome has just spent his 65th birthday (April 8, 1955) in the congratulations of the capital team. Di Bartolomei was the leader of Rome in the 1970s and 1980s, contributing to the Serie A championship in the 1982/83 season. It can be said that Di Bartolomei and Francesco Totti are the greatest captains in the history of the team of betel nuts.

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But do not forget another captain who is burdened in the midst of the global pandemic. Edin Dzeko at 34 is still the most influential name at Olimpico. The Bosnian striker is the most prolific player in Roma this season (if not the goalkeeper) with a total of 2719 minutes on all fronts. Plowing continuously and scoring goals steadily, Edin Dzeko is the club’s top scorer with 15 goals far behind Justin Kluivert (7 goals).

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Not only is the leader in the game, but Dzeko also does a good job as a dressing room leader. The 34-year-old captain and three other pillars including Aleksandar Kolarov, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Federico Fazio are on behalf of the whole team to negotiate a pay cut with BLD Roma. Amid the financial misery of the capital football team, Edin Dzeko called on his teammates to reduce their salary even to 80% to overcome the waves with Rome.

Dzeko always treasures the banner of captain AS Roma whenever he carries it in his hand
Dzeko always treasures the banner of captain AS Roma whenever he carries it in his hand

In the current squad of coach Paulo Fonseca, Edin Dzeko has the longest seniority in betel nut when docked in Olimpico in the summer of 2016 (with Diego Perotti). Dzeko has witnessed the overwhelming influence of iconic armies like Totti and Alessandro Florenzi, the true Roma sons. It was a great pressure for the Bosnian striker to take over the captaincy team from Florenzi, who transferred to Valencia on loan in January.

In fact, Edin Dzeko has many times worn the captain’s armband in the past. However, it is only in the unfortunate situations that the capital team lacks people. The position of the former Man City player in the past 4 years is also quite precarious. Every transfer season has the name Dzeko appeared in the newspaper. In the summer of 2019, Inter approached the Bosnian striker very closely but because of the lack of drastic, the transfer broke down. Dzeko then renewed her contract with Roma until 2022 as a way of confirming her loyalty. “Thanks to Inter, I know how much the Roma fans want me to stay,” Dzeko said after the extension.

Now, no team can drag Edin Dzeko. The 34-year-old striker wants to assert the role of a true leader at Olimpico, a responsibility that Dzeko feels proud and determined to do right from the smallest things. At each online meeting of the team, Dzeko immediately picked up the phone to remind the teammates if someone lacked the focus to leave the screen. Every day, Dzeko seriously trains with fitness coach Nuno Romano and transmits directly to be an example for his teammates.

At 34, Edin Dzeko is still one of the best formers in Rome. But what is more important is the legendary captain’s armband that Totti has left behind.

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The Dzeko family is anxiously awaiting the third child expected to be born in September. Roma captain married model Amra Silajdzic in 2014 and has two children including the girl Una (4 years) and boy Dani (2 years). The next sweet fruit of the Dzeko couple will also be a girl. Currently living with the Dzeko family, there is Sophia, Amra’s 17-year-old stepdaughter from her ex-husband’s life.

15Edin Dzeko is Roma’s top goalscorer this season with 15 goals in all competitions, ahead of Justin Kluivert (7 goals).

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