Easy to postpone EURO 2020, European Cup 2020 is difficult

UEFA has finally decided to postpone EURO 2020 until next summer with the consent of all, but this is only the easiest part of the work that the agency has to solve.

The European Cup schedule this season is seriously affected by Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Finding a way to complete the Champions League and Europa League this season before the unpredictable evolution of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic in EURO 2020 is a much bigger challenge and does not exclude the possibility that fans will have to accept the prospect of two tournaments. This tournament cannot be over in Summer.

It’s hard to do anything

It is a bad prospect, but there are really too many obstacles for 2 European Cups to go smoothly in the remaining time from now until Summer. It needs the efforts of all sides: Clubs, television rights owners, Football Unions as well as governments of other countries. In simple terms, it is not possible to schedule any problems in the wake of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic that caused all aspects of European society at this time.

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At an online meeting organized by UEFA on Tuesday, the issue of moving EURO 2020 to Summer 2021 was agreed quickly. This decision gives UEFA time to set aside time for the leagues as well as the two European Cups, with the goal of ending all competitions from June to July. of football now is more than simply scheduling schedules on empty days.

That is why UEFA has to set up a separate working group in an online meeting, including representatives of the league and the European Club Association (ECA) to “consider the solution of the allowable schedule. complete the current season and any other consequences from the decision made today. ”

There are many issues that UEFA and its members have to solve and all are very complicated. The biggest hurdle, of course, is the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic. All UEFA discussions over the coming days or weeks will depend on the size and impact of the pandemic over time. If the pandemic continues to close countries, there is no chance for football to take place.

So far, Italy, France, Norway, and Spain have closed the border, while the UK also encourages its citizens to stay at home, with those 70 and older and vulnerable groups. were ordered to self-quarantine for 12 weeks from the end of last week. So if the 12 sequential quarantine, everything will only be able to temporarily return to normal in mid-June. Time is clearly the biggest problem of UEFA.

The European Cup schedule this season is seriously affected by Corona Virus (Covid-19)
The European Cup schedule this season is seriously affected by Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Not to mention the issue of moving between countries when football returns, because each country is at another stage in the battle against Corona Virus (Covid-19).

One country is better than the other and can their citizens move to a place still struggling against the disease? If Atletico Madrid, for example, meets RB Leipzig in the Champions League Quarter-finals, will their players be allowed to go to Germany without isolation, and will they be able to return to Spain without being separated again?

What prospect for 2 European Cups?

Most European countries have now banned their citizens from traveling abroad while flights were canceled and it is unknown when the ban was lifted. Therefore, even the European Cup play-off plan in the neutral stadium is not feasible.

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The only hope for all is that the disease will be eradicated within the next month, enough for football to return, even in stadiums without an audience. It’s a hopeful prospect, but even when football returns in late April or early May, there are still sports issues to be addressed.

Because UEFA wants 2 European Cups to end before June 30, the pairs that are resolved in just 90 minutes is the plan to be considered, that is, there will be 4 rounds from the round of 16 teams to the Final. If the quarterfinals and semi-finals only take place for 90 minutes instead of the usual 180 minutes, the clubs and the broadcasters must accept the loss from reduced playing time.

European Cup football clubs also have to accept the unfortunate prospect of having to play away, leaving them disadvantaged unless they find a neutral ground for each pair of matches. The ability to organize the Semifinals and Semifinals in 2 weeks as a mini-tournament is also an option, in which, 4 teams to the Semifinals C1 will play in Istanbul, and 4 teams to the Semifinals C2 will play in Gdansk (Istanbul and Gdansk are 2 cities holding 2 finals this season). But will the governments of Turkey and Poland be ready to welcome fans from four teams, most likely from European countries, to be free from the disease?
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