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  • the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational Tournament

    The most expected things in Mid-Season Cup 2020

    The top 4 teams from each region in the Spring 2020 season will face off against each other at the new Mid-Season Cup 2020 tournament, replacing the 2020 Mid- Season Invitational Tournament (MSI – 2020). Mid-Season 2020 replaces the Spring 2020 season On the evening of April 24, Riot Games announced that it would cancel …

  • League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered

    League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered

    In order not to get bored of following the familiar gameplay in the meta, you can try out the new super-strong gameplay in this 10.10 update of League of Legends. Lissandra – Support – new super-strong gameplay at LoL With her maneuverable nature, the laning phase of Lissandra can not only poke but also threaten …

  • Although not to say it outright, the pro player really does not like too thick updates like Riot is doing

    The difference between pro gamers and mass gamers in LoL

    In the Riot Games updates every day, there are some views that professional LoL is completely different from the game we play every day and it is not baseless. What makes ordinary video games considered Esports is thanks to the professional arena. It was a different game, but the pro players didn’t really say how …

  • Riot Games

    Riot Games is determined to overhaul the Fire Spirit system next time

    No more ‘bland’ stats, it seems that in the near future, Riot Games will upgrade the “Fire Spirit” system and it is about to change real flesh. Contrary to comments about “Fire Spirit” in the first days of launch The “Fire Spirit” was first introduced in late August 2019, this system was extremely badly stoned …

  • Hideo Kojima is the father of many famous games

    Did Hideo Kojima and Riot really combine to create a new game?

    Hideo Kojima and Riot, the father of League of Legends are the two classic names in the gaming industry. Is there a new combination to create a new game? Information leaked Hideo Kojima and Riot will cooperate After the turbulent first half of 2020, Riot Games finally realized the “letter” in its name, now that …

  • Top 5 Most AFK Generals LOL

    Top 5 Most AFK Generals LOL, Yasuo Ranked 2nd

    There are many causes of a player’s AFK, but the most common causes are unconscious components. Below is a list of champions with the highest AFK ratios. Braum – Top AFK of the list with a rate of 2.29% Unexpectedly, topping this list is not a familiar name but Braum. Top the list with a …

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