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  • The match between Torino vs Udinese

    Torino vs Udinese Prediction on June 24th, 2020

    Torino vs Udinese is a confrontation within the framework of the 27th Serie A that will return on June 24. The Torino team will play with a strong team against the Udinese club. Obviously 3 points now are the most important goal. So hopefully this can be a completely interesting encounter. An expected formation Torino …

  • Aimbot helps players shoot accurately at the enemy

    Aimbot software and the way protect players from Counter-Strike: GO

    Aimbot software is a program that used extremely popular infamous FPS shooting games such as Overwatch, PUBG, and especially in Counter-Strike. What is AimBot? AimBot is a hack software that helps players can accurately shoot at the enemy without having to adjust the weapons too much. Players will not need extremely fast reflexes or extreme …

  • If practiced, CS: GO players can fully take advantage of this bug

    [CS: GO] Valve Is Facilitating The Player To Use Wallhack

    Valve has improved the ability to identify players in CS: GO through the June 11 update. But it seems that the developer has not considered all the consequences that it brings. COUNTER STRIKE is facilitating players to use wallhack Thanks to the all-new Boost Player Contrast feature, CS: GO players have the opportunity to experience …

  • of CS: GO

    The brightest young talents of professional CS: GO background

    CS: GO is a game in which personal skills are a very essential component and a remarkable processing segment can change the outcome of the recreation. In recent years, with the development of CS: GO in well-known and the pro scene, in particular, there have been many players who’re nonetheless very young however have verified …

  • Young Jamppi talent in ENCE shirt colors

    Jamppi the missing piece of ENCE at Counter-Strike

    With a 2-0 victory over MAD Lions on Sunday night, ENCE excelled in the EU region of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and got a ticket to advance to the Final round. Jamppi is banned from Valve officially competing in tournaments. Many hard years had appropriate results The early months of 2019 were probably the best …

  • Counter-Strike

    Tips playing Counter-Strike to win the match for beginners

    For true gamers, playing Counter-Strike is very simple, nothing difficult right. However, for beginners, how to survive the first few minutes of the game is not a simple thing. Counter-Strike is a half-life game genre, is a hot first-person shooter at any time. The number of gamers playing this game has never decreased, although at …

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