Dybala is Future At Juventus Is Decided

Rumors about Dybala is future at Juventus will come to an end after the Argentine striker’s latest move.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Dybala will extend his contract until 2025 (when the striker is 32 years old) with Juventus as soon as the striker’s agent returns to Italy.

Juventus renewed the contract with Dybala
Juventus renewed the contract with Dybala

The new contract will help Dybala significantly improve income and get additional bonuses. The Argentine striker is receiving a salary of 7.5 million euros/season at Juve, inferior to Ronaldo, Higuain, and De Ligt.

Bonus up to 1000 usd cmd368

Dybala’s the jewel of Juventus

This is the result of Dybala after the explosive competition this season. The Argentinian striker has 13 goals and 12 assists for Juve in 34 games and was the last goalscorer for the Bianconeri before Serie A was delayed due to the epidemic.

Last season, he had many difficulties because of Ronaldo. In the summer of 2019, he almost left Juve to join Tottenham or MU. However, in crucial moments, the striker born in 1993 still insisted on staying at Juve.

Dybala had many difficulties because of Ronaldo's appearance
Dybala had many difficulties because of Ronaldo’s appearance

The Italian press recently emphasized that Dybala became increasingly harmonious with Ronaldo. This can also be considered the reason why the number 10 was chosen by the “Old Lady” leadership.

He joined Juventus from Palermo in 2015 summer. During his five years with Juve, he played 216 matches for the Bianconeri, having 91 goals and 36 assists. Initially, he wore the number 21 shirt that once belonged to Zinedine Zidane and Andrea Pirlo. After Pogba’s departure, he was given the legendary number 10 shirts that once belonged to Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, and Alessandro del Piero.

Italian media confirmed that Dybala was “structured” to become a legend of Juve in the future, and the new contract until 2026 is a concrete move of the “Old Lady” management.

Dybala recovers

Argentine player girlfriend was confirmed infected on 21/3. With him, he had up to 4 times positive test results for coronavirus within 6 weeks.

Share with fans, striker born in 1993 said he used to have quite severe symptoms throughout treatment. Dybala revealed that he attempted to train but his respiratory infection made it tough and he couldn’t circulate for more than 5 minutes.

Before Dybala, two other Juventus stars, Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi, additional had Covid-19, however, both recovered and could go to training.

Dybala could not hide her happiness after recovering.
Dybala could not hide her happiness after recovering.

The entire team was in Turin to prepare for the remainder of the season. The stars of the reigning Serie A champions will have 2 weeks of quarantine themselves before they can return to practice in small groups if they are negative for the corona virus.

20 Serie A clubs have voted in favor of the attempt to continue organizing the rest of the 2019/20 season. However, the official timeline for the tournament has not been determined as a result of the disease situation is still quite complicated.

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