Dundee United vs Hibernian prediction on August 12th, 2020

Dundee United vs Hibernian prediction – Dundee United vs Hibernian is a confrontation that will take place at 00h00 on 12/08. This is a match in the 2nd round of the Scotland National League. Dundee United is in excellent form in recent matches, Hibernian has shown fatigue in the matches.

Will the outcome of this match between Dundee United vs Hibernian be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Dundee United vs Hibernian prediction football right in the following article.

Dundee United vs Hibernian prediction in the Scotland National League
Dundee United vs Hibernian predictionintheScotland National League


  • Dundee United: Calum Butcher, Nicholas Clark, Mark Connolly, Lewis Neilson, Jamie Robson, Peter Pawlett, Ian Harkes, Benjamin Siegrist, Liam Smith, Lawrence Shankland, Nicky Clark.
  • Hibernian: Josh Doig, Paul Hanlon, Ryan Porteous, Paul McGinn, Ofir Martziano, Joe Newell, Scott Allan, Alexandros Gogic, Drey Wright, Kevin Nisbet, Martin Boyle.


  • Dundee United won 13, drew 18, and lost 15 in 46 games the Dundee United vs Hibernian met.
  • Dundee United won 8, drew 10 and lost 4 out of 22 against Hibernian at home.
Head-to-head Dundee United vs Hibernian
Head-to-head Dundee United vs Hibernian


Having won the first division title last season, Dundee United won the only ticket to play in Scotland’s highest league. After an unsuccessful friendly match with a 0-1 defeat to Motherwell FC away, coach Michael Joseph Mellon’s men had a 1-1 draw with St. John. Johnstone in the first match of the new season.

Last season ranked 6th with 37 points after 30 rounds, that performance of Hibernian is considered disappointing compared to recent years. The preparation for the new season of coaches John James Ross is not too thorough when there is only one friendly match, but in front of the strong opponent, Celtic, they do not have any chance to win. 

The Easter Road team entered the first round of the new season with a welcome to Kilmarnock, Hibernian won a fairly gentle 2-1 score thanks to his slightly better strength. Only facing a rookie team, Dundee United in the second match, they will definitely aim for a second consecutive victory.

3 points will definitely be kept by Hibernian
3 points will definitely be kept by Hibernian


Play at home and only have to clash 1 St. Johnstone was not overestimated, but Dundee United showed that he was not familiar with the atmosphere in Scotland’s No. 1 tournament, so he had to accept a 1-1 draw. They will have to face a real challenge in the reception in the upcoming second game, there is a huge risk that the home team will have to receive their first defeat this season.

The last encounter was a match in the Scottish National Cup last season, Hibernian then beat his opponent with the score 4-2. Along with that is the achievement of coach John James Ross and his students are also better in the last 5 encounters, namely they won 3, drew 1, and lost only 1. So Hibernian will continue to be the team is more likely to win.

The last 4 times they met, there were 3 attempts, they also often created the rain of goals in the history of meeting each other. Not to mention that both Dundee United and Hibernian got the goal in the first match, as well as having to go into the net to pick up the ball once. Therefore, the talent gate will most likely appear again in this match.

Our final score Dundee United vs Hibernian is 1 – 2