Djibril Cisse, A High-Speed Taxi But Lost Control

In the blockbuster movie “Taxi 4”, Djibril Cisse took a taxi to rush into the Velodrome yard with the speed of an arrow. The career of the famous striker also passed by the peak like a car lost control.

Djibril Cisse, A High-Speed Taxi But Lost Control

Traumatic nightmare

If you look up the name “Djibril Cisse” on Google, you will see horrible images in the eyes of the viewer. From the broken left copper tube in 2004 in Liverpool to the broken leg in the friendly against China before the 2006 World Cup. The injuries that people often only see in horror movies have been ruined. The striker’s career is expected to replace Thierry Henry in France.

But when it comes to traumatic nightmares, Djibril Cisse needs to be reckoned with his extraordinary energy. After a serious injury in 2004, then Liverpool striker rediscovered his high form in the Premier League 2005/06 with 9 goals in 33 appearances.

After a terrible injury against China, Djibril Cisse still regained his inspiration to score with 15 goals in 27 games for Marseille in the 2006/07 season. The striker broke both legs and twice won the Greek top scorer in the Panathinaikos shirt (2009-2011).

However, Cisse’s best years were with the humble Auxerre. The 39-year-old former striker won the Ligue 1 top scorer twice in the 2001/02 and 2003/04 seasons. Under the guidance of legendary coach Guy Roux, Cisse became the most potential striker of France in the early 2000s. Speed is the striker’s most dangerous weapon with a cadence like a sewing machine and daring penetration.

Djibril Cisse, A High-Speed Taxi But Lost Control

The arrival at Liverpool in the summer of 2004 seemed to open a bright future for Djibril Cisse. But that was the beginning of a traumatic nightmare. Many people believe that without continuing severe injury, Cisse will rise to world class. The former France striker tried to extend his career to the age of 36 but the peak passed quickly in Auxerre when Cisse’s strongest weapon was the speed that was still undamaged.

Movies, models and DJs

Cisse’s playing career is also affected by problems on the pitch. In 2005, Djibril Cisse was accused of assaulting a 15-year-old boy. A year later, the French striker assaulted his pregnant wife again. In 2009, he was arrested by police for assaulting a woman outside a nightclub in Newcastle. The former Liverpool striker was also investigated for involvement in the midfielder sex video blackmail case Mathieu Valbuena.

Cisse’s complicated life made him a hot name in the newspaper. The player born in 1981 has too much passion on the pitch. Djibril Cisse has starred in three films in which he plays himself.

The most prominent is the lightning appeared in the comedy, action Taxi 4 (2007) directed by Gerard Krawczyk. Cisse is driven by the brave driver Daniel Morales (Samy Naceri) straight to the Velodrome field in the middle of the game. The scene depicts the idol position of Cisse who scored 15 goals at the Velodrome in the 2006/07 season.

Cisse also stepped onto the catwalk and now focuses on the work of a professional DJ. “Music is my great passion besides football,” the former France striker shared.

A missed transfer to Vicenza

After leaving Yverdon-Sport FC (Swiss third place), Djibril Cisse signed a one-year contract with Vicenza 1902. The Italian team was bought by two French businessmen who were fans of Djibril Cisse. In August 2018, the former Liverpool striker took photos of the new team’s debut and practiced for a few days in Vicenza.

But then because he did not meet the conditions of the Italian Football Federation, Vicenza did not play in the Italian Third Division but had to play amateur. The Cisse transfer ended in the last minute. The former France striker then announced his retirement in 2018.

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