Discover The Best Ways To Play Jakiro Dota 2

Jakiro is one of the most aggressive champions in the world of Dota. Jakiro seems to receive a great deal of favor from the manufacturer when this Hero’s skill kit can flexibly use both fire and ice. This gave the Hero an unparalleled power almost no opponent dared to get in the way and made Jakiro the general that every gamer yearned to own. This article will introduce to all gamers the index information, skills, and the most appropriate play style of Jakiro Dota 2.

Hero stat information

Discover The Best Ways To Play Jakiro Dota 2

Stat information is the first important piece of information that we would recommend to gamers. Understanding index information is very important in determining the Hero type and the pros and cons of the general. Join us to find out about this index information shortly.

Strength: 24 + 2.3 per level.

Agility: 10 + 1.2 per level

Intelligence: 28 + 2.8 per level.

Blood: 606.

Calories: 364.

Initial damage: 46 – 54.

Range: 400.

Armor: 2.4.

Movement speed: 290.

Day / night vision: 1800/800.

Initial attack speed: 0.64 shots / second

According to the above information, we can classify Jakiro Dota 2 as the type of intelligence, short-range. Despite being a hero of Intelligence, Jakiro has a lot of blood, so he can play roles in the team such as nuker, support, roamer.

Dual Breath

With this skill, Jakiro will blow fire and ice from each end. This skill has the effect of damaging, causing the enemy to slow down by 30%, reduce 20% AS and burn in 4s.

Scope of execution: 550 distances.

Impact time: 5 seconds.

Starting width of the fire trail: 200.

Fin widths: 250.

Flame trail length: 750.

The delay between 2 blows is 0.4s.

Mana consumed: 135/140/155/170.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

This is Jakiro’s main nuke for early and mid-game. The damage this skill causes is considered high and good at slowing down. Using this skill can harass, kill, and farm some enemy creeps quite effectively.

Ice Path

With this skill, Jakiro Dota 2 will create an ice wall. After 0.5 seconds this ice wall will explode and freeze any opponents that enter it. It also deals 50 damage and stuns 1 / 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2 seconds on all units it passes through or touches the ice before it melts.

Scope of execution: 1200.

Duration: 1 / 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2 seconds

Width: 150.

Delay time: 0.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9 seconds

Mana consumed: 90/ 100/ 110/ 125 mana.

Note: there is a 0.5-second delay when using the skill, so if you feel that you have not correctly aligned then you have 0.5 seconds to press the S cancel button (will not count mana and cooldown) to re-align more standard.

Liquid Fire

Discover The Best Ways To Play Jakiro Dota 2

With this skill, Jakiro will fire a lump of fire at a designated object (can be used on the building) and then explode to surrounding targets. This ability deals with 12/16/20/24 damage per second and slows the attack speed of hit enemies.

Cooldown: 20/15/10/4 seconds

Scope of execution: 600.

Explosion radius: 300.

Duration of action: 5 seconds.

Attack speed reduced: 20/30/40/50.

Mana cost: 0.


With this skill, Jakiro will create and spew out a lava trail in the direction indicated. This skill deals 100/140/180 damage per second while the lava trail exists.

Scope of implementation: 1800.

Damage: 125/175/225.

Length: 1800.

Width: 225.

Duration: 14 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Mana cost: 220/330/440.

Scepter Range: 1350/1350/1350.

This is the most dangerous skill of Jakiro Dota 2. With this skill, you can explore the area in front of you with a mighty fire. It will burn all enemies in front of you. Macropyre is a very good skill against an enemy crowded in the middle and late game sprint.

How to play Jakiro Dota 2

Discover The Best Ways To Play Jakiro Dota 2

Jakiro’s gameplay is quite flexible and can take on many positions at the same time in the team. Jakiro’s skills are very beneficial. However, it has a relatively short range and a relatively long cooldown. It will be a very disadvantageous for Jakiro if this Hero does not have the timely and proper coordination of the team. Therefore, in the following section, we will guide you on how to play Jakiro with the smoothest and most suitable team strategies for your Hero.

Early game

In the early stages of the game, you can let Jakiro Dota 2 take any lane. However, you should not let Jakiro go solo but should go with support champions like Viper, Lich, Zeus … for better effects. You should also identify from the beginning of the game whether you roam or carry a lane to carry, so that will determine the most appropriate skill upgrade.

For Jakiro to stick to the lane, you should use Liquid Fire (E) skill is the most reasonable. Trying not to let it explode will cause the creep creeping side to rise. You should remember that Liquid Fire (E) is only to shoot champions or turret opponents.

For Jakiro to roam, you should use the Ice Path (W) skill. You can hide from the forest spurt to increase surprise (based on loosing). Then run out and use the Dual Breath (Q) ability to damage and stop the enemy.

Mid game – Jakiro Dota 2

In the middle of the game, let Jakiro Dota 2 now coordinate gank-push with the team. The combo of Dual Breath + Ice Path and Ulti will be most effective at this time. If you want to let Jakiro hide to surprise the Hero at the end of the game, it’s best to Ar because it gives you a lot of mana. You can then Rush on the green stick or straight on EoS for Jakiro. In team fights, try to throw all the skills you have and remember to stretch to the opponent.

The middle of the game was also when both teams were trying to push the outside towers. Always keep the Town Portal Scroll in your body to make sure you can push as well as timely support for nearby towers and teammates. Remember to plug your eyes fully to push and gank enemy heroes. Depending on the situation, you and your teammates can mobilize the push to end the game early if you realize that at the end of the match, you cannot win against the enemy team.

Late game – Jakiro Dota 2

At this stage, all heroes on both sides already have decent equipment and champions support. So, getting stuck in this stage will be easy to forget, keep that in mind and try to set aside at least 1 slot to accommodate your eyes, because a little negligence will lead to the loss of your troops. even lost at that time.

In team fights, use the Ice Path (W) and Macropyre (R) skills to get the most enemy champions or to block or split the enemy team. You can use Force Staff to save situations depending on the situation, or open combat by using Blink Dagger, shoot Liquid Fire (E) and Duel Breath (Q) on the opponent’s carry to restrain the attack speed and progress of it. That’s all you have to do with Jakiro’s equipment and skills in the team fight. Speed ​​up the finishing touches and win quickly.

Here we have introduced you to the basic information and indicators of Jakiro Dota 2. Hopefully, the above information will help you and your teammates to be more proactive in strategic planning. best suited to bring a perfect effect for your game.

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