Destroying FPX but T1 still has to leave from the group stage

T1 and DAMWON both had a disappointing day when the two LPL representatives took the ticket to the next round of the 2020 Mid – Season Cup tournament. Great war because “Yasuo” does not promote strength.

T1 had an impressive victory over FunPlus Phoenix

China-Korea War showmatch tournament – LPL, LCK – T1 Mid-season Event, officially named 2020 Mid-Season Cup (MSC 2020) and set the time to organize. With the participation of the eight strongest teams in the pinnacle two areas of the world, although it is most effective a pleasant tournament, it will sincerely be an event that League of Legends fans can not ignore.

T1 and FunPlus Phoenix kick off the tournament
T1 and FunPlus Phoenix kick off the tournament

On May 28, 2020, defending champions LCK – T1 and World Champion FunPlus Phoenix will be the opening names for the Great Korean War. Considered to be the two strongest names in Group A, the opening battle between T1 and FPX will greatly affect the situation of Group A.

On the first day of the 2020 Mid-Season Cup tournament was exciting with the great battle between the world champion FunPlus Phoenix and the defending champion LCK – T1. Along with that was the confrontation between the two players in the Mid lane that received the most attention – Doinb vs Faker.

In this confrontation, Faker’s T1 showed an amazing performance, when they completely destroyed FPX in an extremely overwhelming position, with a team of 2 AD carries and aggressive play surprise.

However, T1 could not maintain the destructive performance in the opening match. An impressive victory against the reigning world champion is all Faker and his teammates have. In the following 2 matches, they failed to DAMWON Gaming and especially lost to TOP Esports in the deciding match.

Victory is in a difficult position

FPX Doinb or mutant Doinb is one of the more talented mid laners compared to many traditional mid laners in LPL. Named “X-Men” because Doinb has an extremely wide pool and unique entrance that few traditional mid laners can do (Ryze to True Glory, magical Nautilus mid lane, Maokai goes mid, etc.)  

Doinb of FPX
Doinb of FPX

The common point of both losses was from the selection of T1 without the Gunner, with bot lane Yasuo for Teddy. This strategy helped them create many advantages in the early game, but the lack of a stable source of damage at the end of the game, along with a few personal mistakes made T1 drop the victory.

As for FunPlus Phoenix and TOP Esports, the two representatives from LPL continue to prove that the level is slightly better than the Koreans, except for the defeat of FPX before T1, both teams have won decisive victories. going to win the ticket to the Semifinals.

It’s a pity for DAMWON when their only victory inadvertently pushed both LCK representatives into a difficult position, resulting in the final defeat of the Korean teams in Group A. The hope of the LCK will be overwhelmed. to Group B, where Gen.G Esports and DragonX are joined.

The situation of the 2020 Mid-Season Cup tournament to date
The situation of the 2020 Mid-Season Cup tournament to date

However, this is not an easy group for cam, because facing them is defending champion LPL – JD Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Although it is just a friendly tournament, it will be disastrous if the other two teams of the LCK suffer the same fate as T1 and DWG, and then the Mid-Season Cup 2020 LCK – LPL tournament will be turned into a tournament internal affairs of the Chinese people.

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