Despite many offers, New Orleans Pelicans keep Brandon Ingram

Seizing the opportunity to build one of the youngest squad to watch NBA Basketball, New Orleans Pelicans will definitely not miss Brandon Ingram.

Despite many offers, New Orleans Pelicans keep Brandon Ingram

 Brandon Ingram will become a free agent?

It’s unclear what the epidemic’s complicated development is, but when the current season ends, Brandon Ingram will become a free agent.

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Just through the most uplifting years of his career, the player who was picked in the second round of the NBA BasketballDraft has become an All-Star with the ability to score extremely impressive points. Therefore, it is not difficult to see the increasing value of Ingram in the market.

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However, the youngster of the New Orleans Pelicans may be rooted because with this team, keeping Brandon Ingram is the team’s top goal.

Brandon Ingram competes at the All-Star Game 2020
Brandon Ingram competes at the All-Star Game 2020

Ingram’s current contract will expire at the end of this season. However, he will not become a 100% free agent but only a restricted free agent. This means that the other teams can offer Brandon Ingram, but the Pelicans are the final decision maker.

If the former Lakers player is offered a new contract by another team, the Pelicans can offer a similar or higher contract that will undoubtedly keep Ingram in New Orleans.

As confirmed by many journalists, the New Orleans Pelicans will pay any price to keep Brandon Ingram at the Smoothie Kings Arena. It does not exclude the possibility of a maximum value contract waiting for Ingram when the transfer market is open.

In this year’s season, Brandon Ingram is peaking in almost every statistic such as points, assists, rebounds and basketball success rates. Thanks to this leap, Ingram is considered one of the brightest candidates for the title of Most Improved Player – The most improved player of the season.

Seizing the opportunity to “tie” an All-Star player like Ingram and attach him to talents like Lonzo Ball or Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans certainly will not want to miss to build one. young teams worth watching the NBA Basketball next season.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans want to keep Brandon Ingram permanent

New Orleans Pelicans vice president David Griffin said Brandon Ingram will be an important name in the long-term plan of the team.

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Since coming to the Pelicans from LA Lakers at the beginning of this season, Ingram has been performing quite well. His performance this season is an average of 25.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 4.0 assists/match with a successful basketball throw rate of 48.1% and a success rate of 3 successful shots of 42.4%. Ingram is also the face playing an important role in the play of the Pelicans when his usage rate reached 29.5%, the 22nd highest in the tournament. Among the players who have played at least 10 matches this season in the NBA Basketball, Ingram’s usage rate is even the 15th highest.

However, it is worth noting that when Ingram is sidelined, Pelicans tend to play more effectively. Pelican’s net rating when Ingram is on the pitch is -6.5. This shows that they are often scored more than 6.5 points / 100 situations by the opponent when Ingram plays. When Ingram was sidelined, the net rating of Pelicans this season increased to -1.1. With Ingram, Pelicans let the opponent score 115.8 points / 100 ball situations while this figure is only 109.5 when Ingram is out.

Despite many offers, New Orleans Pelicans keep Brandon Ingram

The above figures show that despite the progress in attack ability, Ingram’s weakness is still in defense. The defensive win shares (Ingram’s contribution to the defense of the team) is only 0.01 and this is the 395th lowest number in the NBA Basketball.

Despite some limitations, in general, Ingram is still a young highly appreciated talent at the moment and it will not be surprising if the Pelicans want to keep him long. With a young framework of Williamson, Ingram, Jaxson Hayes, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker combined with quality veterans like Jrue Holiday, JJ Redick or Derrick Favors, Pelicans will be a potential card.
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