Denmark vs Moldova Prediction | World Cup Qualif. UEFA | 03/28

Denmark vs Moldova prediction – The impressive performances in the Nations League last year will surely help the Danish team to be confident and fully able to aim for high results in the WC 2022 qualifiers this time. The second name after Israel that lead soldiers will face is just Moldova.

Denmark vs Moldova Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on 03/28/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd




Denmark vs Moldova Prediction



As a team that is considered relatively strong and in fact, Denmark also has a number of famous players playing in Europe, such as Eriksen of Tottenham, the striker playing for Barca is Braithwaite or Christensen and Schmeichel of the Premier League. Currently, the home team is using a 4-3-3 tactical scheme and bringing the young striker Older Wind to the top kick, this is also the name that has scored many goals in the past time for the Danish national team. 

In addition to scoring 2 goals against Belgium in the Nation League match, before that the home strikers also shined when there were 8 goals created in 4 matches, including scoring against the England team. The defense with conductor Christensen is operating quite effectively, only the match against Belgium, receiving 4 goals will show the gaps left by the defensive players of the home team, but before that, it is very sure.


There is not a group of famous players or stars capable of carrying a team like many other European teams, so Moldova has slightly boring gameplay for viewers. The ball control rate is often low and subject to the control of the opponent so the lines do not have clear communication with each other. In 7 consecutive matches, the away team players who did not have any goals were enough to show how big the stalemate is. 

The only goal that the Moldovan attackers had was to score against Kosovo in September 2020 and before that was also a dystopia. It can be seen that due to poor performance, the defensive line also suffered the same fate and the net of Moldova has vibrated countless times in the past two years.

Denmark vs Moldova Prediction


In the 10 groups of World Cup qualifiers in Europe in 2022, it seems that Group F is the easiest to breathe when no big man appears in this group. In the 6 national teams Austria, Moldova, Scotland, Denmark, Israel and Faroe Island, the number one candidate in the next ticket is the Danish team and in the second match, they will have a welcome. the Moldovan team.

This is the first time that these two national teams have encountered each other. Perhaps after Italy, the Danish attack is the most feared thing for the defensive front of Moldova faced in the past few years. The house odds offered are 3.75 and as expected, the score of this match will exceed that number when Denmark has called many of its stars for the campaign to conquer the ticket to the World Cup 2022 Finals.

Select: Over 3.75 FT


The Danish national team, also known as the “Danish dynamite” was ranked 3rd on the FIFA rankings in 1997 and the position of this team is also quite high now with 16th and 11th place in Europe. There is an interesting parameter that is in 2006 and 2014 which means that with a gap of 8, the home team will not be able to qualify. Now is the year 2022, so the Danish coaching staff is worried about whether it can overcome the previous bounce. The performance of the home team in the past two years has been very good, having lost only 2 matches and was against the Belgian team, in addition to having a series of 5 consecutive victories, including a victory over the team England with the score of 1-0 and before that was a 0-0 draw.

The reputation of the Moldovan national team is not only low in Europe but also in the world as this team is currently ranked 175th on the FIFA rankings, which means one of the national teams is very weak. At the end of League D last season, the visitors only got 48th place when the result was too poor. In the last 10 appearances, Moldova only got 2 matches to leave the field with a draw against Russia and Kosovo, and in the remaining 8 matches, this team lost all 8. When meeting some tough opponents such as Russia lost 0-6 and Slovenia was not better than receiving a 0-4 defeat.

Denmark vs Moldova prediction: Denmark -3 FT


Eriksen will freely play with the ball when the colleagues on the away side are just names with poor professional quality. The midfield will be completely blocked by the Danish national team and Moldova must be killed if you do not want to break the game early.

Select: Over 1.5 H1.


Between a team ranked 16th and the other team ranked 175th in the FIFA rankings, it is impossible to imagine Moldova can create a miracle in this confrontation. A victory will help Denmark continue the excitement towards the top of the table. The odds of European bookmakers are 1.03 * 23.25 * 14.00 corresponding to win, loss and draw for Denmark.

Select: Denmark FT

Denmark vs Moldova Prediction


Denmark will continue to use the 3-striker strategy when the midfield has been fully exploited. With prominent names playing in Europe’s top championships, it is not difficult for home players to put the ball in the opponent’s net many times in the next 90 minutes.

Denmark vs Moldova prediction: Denmark 4 – 0 Moldova FT (Denmark 3 – 0 Moldova H1)


Denmark: Schmeichel, Jorgensen, Kjaer, Dalsgaard, Larsen, Schone, Delaney,Braithwaite, Poulsen, Eriksen, Cornelius.

Moldova: Rusu, Armas, Prepelita, Bogdan, Dros, Suvorov, Taras, Rata, Platica, Cociuc, Ambros.

The above is information about the prediction of Denmark vs Moldova in the match of the 2nd round of World Cup Qualif. UEFA on 03/28/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.