David Beckham At Real: Success Even In … Failure

David Beckham has become a big star, a top brand. However, he only really improved his playing skills after joining Real Madrid. Here, he became a leader in the middle. Although not achieving many achievements at Real but Beckham is still considered successful in white.

David Beckham At Real: Success Even In ... Failure

To the Bernabeu with countless question marks

On July 1, 2003, David Beckham officially signed a contract with Real Madrid. Just one day later, the White Vulture organized the British midfielder the Galacticos-style launch ceremony, witnessed by 500 reporters from 25 different countries. He was given the club shirt from the great legendary hand Di Stefano.

David Beckham was the only rookie of Real in the summer of that year. However, ironically, he was always judged to be unnecessary … addition of the Vulture! Simply, technically, Real does not need a player like Beckham, or in other words, he has no place at the Bernabeu!

Why so? The answer is because David Beckham is just a pure winger, with the ability to cross the ball and pass a typical long-range of English football. Beckham played in England in an era where the foggy country still knew almost only a single scheme, 4-4-2. And Becks can only play in one position in this diagram: the right-winger!

Therefore, Real does not know where he plays in the 4-2-3-1 diagram. Will you kick off the middle in this diagram? Impossible, since both positions are being held by Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo!

Of course, Real president Florentino Perez bought Beckham not to let him sit on the bench, not just to sell shirts. As a result, he planned quite crazily to turn Becks into a central midfielder. To do that, Perez sacrificed Claude Makelele. He pushed the silent hero to Chelsea, and made remarks that the French star “did not know how to pass the ball more than 3 meters”. Meanwhile, Becks is a superstar passing the ball with the ability to make passes up to 30m or more but still accurate to the mm.

And then David Beckham became a central midfielder at Real. He was often paired up with Ivan Helguera or Guti in the first season. In the 4-2-3-1 diagram then, Figo kicked the right-wing, Zidane kicked left, Raul Gonzalez played as a guard for Ronaldo in the spearhead. Although he sometimes has to share the starting kick in the middle, Becks is still the most played player in the central midfield of Real in the 2003/04 season, including 27 matches in La Liga.

Undeniably, the fact that Real pushed Makelele away and brought Beckham back was a professional failure of Perez. In fact, Real had nothing in the first season of Becks playing at the Bernabeu. Remember, they were very successful in the first 3 seasons of the Galacticos 1.0 era, including 2 La Liga championships and 1 Champions League title.

Instead of a mere winger, Beckham (left) became more comprehensive with Real Madrid
Instead of a mere winger, Beckham (left) became more comprehensive with Real Madrid

Mid-level conductor

But because of that, people saw another David Beckham, instead of a winger who could only cross the ball and take a free-kick at Man United. He played very well in the role of distribution midfielder of Real. Imagine that Becks stood in the middle of the midfield and then trimmed the ball for Figo and Zidane to the wings, or fluttered for Ronaldo and Raul above, one could also see how Real’s play was beautiful then.

That means, Becks kicking the central midfield is not the reason Real failed in the 2003/04 season. The main problem is that coach Del Bosque was fired or because this club did not have any options to find suitable people to replace the position of Makelele. In fact, according to many experts, if Makelele was kept and partnered with Becks in the middle, everything would have been different!

Personally, Becks has become a more complete, better player during his time with Real. In fact, the most successful time for the former British midfielder at the Bernabeu was in the first season after the Galacticos era, in the 2006/07 season when Fabio Capello’s Real won the La Liga championship after a comeback. God. It was also Becks last season at the Bernabeu. And his mark this season is when pushed to the right midfield rock in the 4-2-3-1 diagram.

David Beckham has become an excellent midfielder, more perfect when playing for Real. But the fact that Real is not successful when he plays in this position is another story!

Becks, fitness expert

In his autobiography “Managing my Life”, coach Alex Ferguson described David Beckham as an extremely athletic and athletic player. Sir Alex rated Becks higher than any other member of the legendary 92 generation of M.U. This was confirmed by Professor Marcus du Sautoy of Oxford University in his study of Beckham. He judged him to use only a very small force of body movement but produced a great force to touch the ball. That is why Becks does not need to gain momentum when making long passes.

David Beckham At Real: Success Even In ... Failure

“If born in Italy, Beckham would be Pirlo.”

According to the prestigious writer Jonathon Aspey, David Beckham should be a big monument in the central midfield position. Aspey said that, if born in Italy, Beckham can compete with Pirlo to become the midfield conductor. However, Becks almost only played as a winger in a 4-4-2 formation at Man United. Meanwhile, he came to Real quite late and at the wrong time!

David Beckham always plays with the spirit that not many Real Madrid players have. Even if it is difficult, he will still fight hard for this shirt, ”said Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid).

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