Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction | EURO 2021 | 07/03

Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction: The Czech Republic and Denmark are two teams present in the quarter-finals of the EURO 2021 finals in very different ways. However, what both show is convincing. However, only 1 team can continue to write their fairy tale in this match.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/07/03
  • Event: EURO 2021
  • Stage: Quarter-finals
  • Location: Allianz Arena





Denmark is the team that has the opportunity to create a spectacular adventure for themselves this season. Although they had a lot of disadvantages in the group stage. The lead soldiers have not entered as deep as they have been since EURO 1992. Surely the next match will be a turning point for them to overcome their limit of the past 29 years. Denmark will play for their destiny, and also for their somewhat unlucky captain Eriksen.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction

Meanwhile, with the Czech Republic, the representative of Central Europe will be one of the two big surprises of the round of 16 at EURO this year. They had a brave performance against the strong Netherlands and excellently won tickets to the round of 8 spectacular competitions. Obviously, if looking at what this team has shown, do not underestimate their ability to become a real dark horse. And Denmark will also need to have its own precautions. A match with a certain tug-of-war. However, the ability to be Over will bring many openings.

Select: Under 2.25 FT (Under 0.75 H1).


With a slightly superior level, it is not surprising if Denmark is the team that receives a certain initiative compared to the Czech Republic in this match. A match where the leads certainly cannot be too subjective. Especially if looking at how the Czech Republic beat the Netherlands in the last match. The representative of the Central Europe region showed their sobriety. When they have great rationality in choosing tactics at other points in the game. Their attack is extremely sensitive in the counter-attack. This helps them appear extremely unpredictable.

A warning to Denmark, although they still have qualified staff on all current lines. Denmark has really exploded in the last 2 matches. They defeated Russia in the final round to get through the narrow doorway and destroy Wales earlier. However, it does not mean that they can maintain their certainty against the Czech Republic in the next match. Obviously, this will be a match between two opponents with no big difference. And they will know how not to be too passive before their opponents. An inconclusive result after 90 minutes of official play is entirely possible.

Select: Czech Republic  +0.5 FT (Czech Republic +0.25 H1).


This match is a small advantage for the redshirt team compared to the Czech Republic. This will be a match with a relatively tight match when both will be ready to play fair with each other. Thereby looking for yourself beneficial results. Not excluding the possibility of invincibility of both sides.

Select: Draw FT.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction


A certain correlation and not much difference continues to be reflected in the confrontation history of the last 6 matches of these two teams. When 5 of them ended in a draw. Obviously, on the threshold of paradise, both the Czech Republic and Denmark certainly do not want to miss their opportunity. A game will definitely be created. They’re absolutely unlikely that the name will be happy after the official 90 minutes, everything may be decided in 120 minutes or even a lucky shootout risk.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Prediction: Czech Republic 1-1 Denmark FT (0-0 H1).


Czech Republic: Vaclik, Mateju, Kalas, Coufal, Celustka, Soucek, Holes, Darida, Jankto, Masopust, Schick.

Denmark: Schmeichel, Vestergaard, Kjaer, Stryger Larsen, Christensen, Delaney, Damsgaard, Dolberg, Hojbjerg, Maehle, Braithwaite.

The above is information about the prediction in the Quarter-finals match between Czech Republic vs Denmark of EURO 2021 on 2021/07/03 of the CMD368 bookie.