Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction on September 9th, 2020

Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction – Cyprus vs Azerbaijan is a confrontation that will take place at 01h45 on 09/09. This is the match that belongs to the 2nd round of the UEFA Nations League. Current Cyprus vs Azerbaijan performance is of equal strength.

Will the outcome of this match between Cyprus vs Azerbaijan be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction football right in the following article.

Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction

Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction


  • Cyprus: Christos Wheeler, Kypros Christoforou, Charalampos Kyriakou, George Merkis, Nicholas Ioannou, Neophytos Michael, Kostakis Artymatas, Ioannis Kosti, Grigoris Kastanos, Matija Spoljaric, Pieros Sotiriou.
  • Azerbaijan: Vusal Isgandarli, Bahlul Mustafazada, Badavi Guseynov, Anton Krivotsyuk, Gara Garayev, Eddy Silvestre, Aslan Huseynov, Javid Huseynov, Shahriyar Rahimov, Ramil Sheydaev.


  • This is the first time Cyprus vs Azerbaijan has met.
Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction

History record of Cyprus vs Azerbaijan


There was only 1 victory in the last season, but that is still enough to help Cyprus get a ticket to stay in League C this season. Coach Johan Walem’s army is still not overestimated in the current group, but as long as they know the advantages, the opportunity to create a surprise is still possible.

Only Kosovo could make it difficult for Azerbaijan in the 3 League D group last season, the other two opponents, Faroe Island and Malta, could not make them lose too much strength. Therefore, coach Giovanni Girolamo’s achievement is 2 wins, 3 draws and only 1 defeat, along with the second place, in the end, to help them get 1 place to play in League C.

In the Euro 2020 qualifier, which took place not long ago, Cyprus fell into a relatively unpleasant group, but their efforts helped them win 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses. On the other side of the pitch, Azerbaijan cannot do the same thing when receiving 7 defeats and their best achievement is only a 1-1 draw with Croatia.

Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction

Cyprus is the team that holds more advantages in this match


In the last 5 matches, Cyprus has an acceptable record with 2 wins and 3 losses. However, Azerbaijan even made worse with only 1 victory, 1 point division and 3 times of empty-handed at the end of the match. The confidence of the team led by coach Johan Walem was clearly better than the opponent when he returned home in this match.

These are the two teams that are often considered as a store of points in the tournaments they attend, so direct confrontations are always very important. Although there is not much difference in performance, Cyprus fully knows how to make the most of the advantage of the field that it has to bring victory in the upcoming second round.

The quality of the squad is not highly appreciated, so it is difficult to expect impressive scoring achievements from both sides. However, they prove the opposite when Cyprus has 7 goals and Azerbaijan has 4 goals in the last 5 matches. Therefore, it is still completely basis for players to expect a positive result in this match.
Our final score Cyprus vs Azerbaijan prediction is 2 – 1