Cycling News: Why UAE canceled the ongoing cycling tournament?

On February 28, from the cycling news reporter that the organizers of the UAE Tour 2020 cycling tournament (United Arab Emirates – UAE) announced the latest cycling news the cancellation of the tournament, scheduled to end on February 29, by two employees of a team. Italian racing positive for Covid-19.


Ongoing cycling news is affected by Covid-19

The race takes place from February 23 and is expected to end on February 29. Until the tournament organizers made the decision, the athletes went through 5 races.

After discovering the incident, the Organizing Committee conducted isolation and testing for all members of racing teams. Chris Froome, the famous English rider who won the world’s most prestigious cycling tournament four-times – Tour de France, is also among those who have to test.

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The Abu Dhabi Sports Council (UAE) immediately decided to cancel all remaining races due to Covid-19 concerns spread, in the context of this disease is spreading in the Middle East, with more 370 confirmed positive cases.

Citing information from this council, AP news agency said on the same day, all racing teams, staff and organizers will be checked by all necessary measures and does not exclude the possibility of being excluded. glass.

The incident about the cycling news that has raised concerns about the ongoing UCI 2020 world bike race in Germany will also be canceled due to a number of athletes attending the UAE Tour 2020 currently competing in the tournament.

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In a statement posted on Twitter, racing driver Chris Froome expressed his regret after the UAE Tour 2020 was canceled. The 34-year-old athlete said he and others are waiting for the results of the tests and will stay at the hotel until receiving a new notice.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Vini Zabu-KTM racing team said that the result was announced on the morning of February 29.

French cycling team threatens to go on a hunger strike when “locked” in the UAE

A manager of a French professional cycling team is quarantined in a hotel in Abu Dhabi due to fears of spreading Covid-19, threatening to go on a hunger strike if he does not allow his team to leave the UAE.

The UAE Tour is attracting public attention when a French racing team is "locked up" at the hotel is being the hottest cycling news
The UAE Tour is attracting public attention when a French racing team is “locked up” at the hotel is being the hottest cycling news

Roberto Damiani, sports director of the Cofidis cycling team, told Reuters that despite being negative to Covid-19 with about 50 people, including 18 professional drivers, they were still “detained” at the Crowne Hotel. Plaza.

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The UAE authorities have ordered a tightening check on the luxurious Crown Plaza and W hotels on Yas Island after two Italian members participating in the UAE Tour race were suspected of being infected with Covid-19. The UAE, a regional business hub and a major hub for passengers traveling to China and other destinations in Asia, said the number of Covid-19 infections in the country had increased to 27, following. when 6 new cases were discovered.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, where the French racing couple was "detained"
Crowne Plaza Hotel, where the French racing couple was “detained”

The UAE Ministry of Health on Tuesday said that six new cases, people from Russia, Italy, Germany and Colombia, had been found to be infected with Covid-19 involving two members of the cycling race. Last weekend, the UAE Ministry of Health announced that 167 people isolated on the island had tested negative. The race was attended by former Tour de France champion Chris Froome and the Ineos drivers, but they were allowed to leave the hotel and go home.

“We have done a second test on March 1.3 and got results on this 2.3, all negative for Covid-19. I hope I won’t have to start it (on a hunger strike) .. We want to respect the laws of the local government, but the respect must be two-way, “Damiani told Reuters by phone.

The UAE Government media office did not respond to Reuters regarding the quarantine and complaint continuation. All guests on the fourth floor at the Crowne Plaza hotel have not been moved out yet, Cofidis members told Reuters, adding that the French Groupama-FDJ, Gazprom (Russia) and the tourists Another stay at the same floor.

The UAE Tour tournament has to be canceled after the last 2 stages due to fear of spreading Covid-19
The UAE Tour tournament has to be canceled after the last 2 stages due to fear of spreading Covid-19

A member of the Cofidis team (please remain anonymous) told Reuters the latest cycling news that: “Our rooms have not been cleaned since Thursday (29.2), they left food outside the door for us; clean towels and soap. The room was arranged in the corridor next to the elevator. ”

Responded to the cycling news that visitors at two hotels in the UAE capital had 140 professional cyclists participating in the UAE Tour before the last two sections were canceled due to fears of an outbreak of Covid-19. Other Gulf Arab states have recorded numerous cases of Covid-19 infection, primarily among those who have been to Iran.

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