Crotone vs Udinese Prediction | Serie A | 04/17

Crotone vs Udinese prediction – The earliest match of the 31st round of Serie A will take place between Crotone and Udinese. Despite having home advantage, but with a very poor mentality after a series of disappointing matches last time. It will be difficult for Crotone to get even 1 point against Udinese in this match.

Crotone vs Udinese Prediction


  • Match date: 1:00 pm on 04/17/2021
  • Event: Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 31st
  • Location: Stadio Ezio Scida


Crotone vs Udinese Prediction


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Crotone is struggling in the hope of relegating successfully this season when they only play in Serie A this season. With Udinese, they are also trying very hard to quickly rise to the top half of the rankings.

Crotone vs Udinese Prediction

Crotone is making their fans very disappointed and worried about the fate in Serie A this season when they have gone through the last 5 games, they have only 1 win and have to receive 4 defeats. Having only got 15 points after 29 rounds, they are currently in the last place on the ranking with a 9 points distance from the safe group.

On the Udinese side of the team, their performance last time was also relatively bad when they only got 1 win and had to receive 2 defeats in the last 5 rounds. On the ranking, they are temporarily ranked 12th with 33 points and are almost certainly relegated when they are 11 points away from the dangerous group.

Crotone vs Udinese prediction: Udinese FT.


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The set amount of Over/Under odds for H1 is 1 draw. Players who have placed their bets will receive 1.89 if the match is Over and will win 1.85 if the match is Under.

The set amount of Over/Under odds for FT is 2.5. Players who have placed their bets will receive 1.92 if the match is Over and will win 1.90 if the match is Under.

In the last 5 matches of Crotone, all 5 matches were Over matches, while in the last 5 games of Udinese, there were 4 Under matches and only 1 match of Over.

Select: Over 3 FT.

Crotone vs Udinese prediction: Crotone 0 – 1 Udinese FT.


In the previous 5 encounters between the two teams, the performance has been balanced. Each side has 2 wins while having a close with an unbeatable result. The two teams were also able to comfortably play, this match is difficult to predict the outcome, but Udinese will of course be the most appreciated in this confrontation.

Select: Udinese FT

Crotone vs Udinese Prediction


Crotone (3-5-2): Cordaz, Cuomo, Djidji, Golemic, Molina, Messias, Benali, Petriccione, Di Carmine, Pereira, Simy.

Udinese (3-5-2): Musso, De Maio, Nuytinck, Becao, Molina, Walace, Arslan, De Paul, Llorente, Larsen, Pereyra.

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