Croatia vs Cyprus Prediction | World Cup Qualif. UEFA | 03/27

Croatia vs Cyprus prediction – Croatia will host the Cyprus players in the second match of Group H in the World Cup qualifiers. A match is considered an opportunity for Croatia to find important points thereby improving their current ranking when the opponent is a team that has been underestimated the last time.

Croatia vs Cyprus Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on 03/27/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd




Croatia vs Cyprus Prediction



Croatia is the brightest name in Group H, the group is considered the lightest when only Russia, Slovenia and Slovakia are present. Coach Dalic and his students have also had impressive performances in recent tournaments. Attractive attacking style, explosive attackers scored 17 goals in Euro qualifiers and 9 goals in Nations League, nearly 2 goals per game performance. 

It can be seen that the overwhelming strength of Croatia, their last 6 matches on average, has more than 4 goals, and is very dedicated. Preventing the home strikers at this time is almost impossible for the opponents at the same table.


Although Cyprus is considered a paved team, it is undeniable that they are improving. The performance in the last Euro qualifiers showed the potential attackers as well as the devoted play style of this team. 10 matches brought 10 points, scored 15 goals and conceded 20 times. 

Strikers’ ability to take advantage of opportunities cannot be underestimated, typically in the 2-1 win over Kazakhstan. Although meeting opponents at a much higher level, you can expect at least 1 honorable goal.

Croatia vs Cyprus Prediction


In the second match of Group H, Croatia welcomed Cyprus at home. Just looking at the two names, fans can think of an unequal battle. It is likely that the next match will be the private runway of the home strikers.

The very open play of the two teams makes the choice of the selection too adventurous. The attackers are in good form, promising an explosive match with many goals.

Select: Over 3.25 FT


The difference between the two teams is not added when Croatia is the team with rich achievements in the World Cup. While Cyprus is only ranked in League C in Europe and has not yet qualified once.

Croatia’s recent form is completely convincing when they won 5/8 matches in the Euro qualifying, scoring 17 goals. While the visitors had to receive 0-4 heavy defeat on Montenegro’s field. The only confrontation in past Cyprus exposed 0-2, it is difficult to hope for the ability to surprise when they have to be a guest.

Outstanding strength is played at home again, a jubilant victory for Croatia is expected.

Croatia vs Cyprus prediction: Croatia -2.25 FT


Croatia certainly pushed up the squad right after the opening whistle. The dedication of the visitors’ play makes the game very easy to open after the opening score. Psychological comfort, the attack of the two teams will bring an attractive match with many goals.

Select: Over 1.25 H1.


The European handicap shows that the house highly appreciates the home team to win. Strikers are sublimating, winning is difficult to slip out of the hands of Croatia. The possibility of Cyprus being surprised is almost 0 when the capacity is too different.

Select: Croatia FT

Croatia vs Cyprus Prediction


The game is very open and constantly opening opportunities is not difficult to predict. Croatia’s superior attacking ability will not take long to concretize a goal. The score of the match is likely to have 4 or more goals and the difference is not less than 3 goals.

Croatia vs Cyprus prediction:  Croatia 4 -1 Cyprus FT (Croatia 2 -1 Cyprus H1)


Croatia: D. Subasic, D. Lovren, K. Bartolec, T. Jedvaj, D. Melnjak, M. Brozovic, M. Badelj, M. Kovacic, I. Perisic, M. Rog, A. Rebic.

Cyprus: N. Michael, N. Ioannou, I. Kousoulos, K. Laifis, A. Karo, G. Efrem, M. Tzionis, G. Kastanos, P. Sotiriou, L. Loizou, D. Christofi.

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