The ICC Cricket World Cup development over the years

The ICC Cricket World Cup must be one of the most coveted sporting events in the world. With legions of fans, many countries and dedicated players created an aura of the World Cup is simply electrifying.

World Cup champion trophy

The Cricket World Cup trophy is clearly the cricket’s most acclaimed title. Although test matches are the cricket mettle’s ultimate challenge, the World Cup still remains the most-watched cricket tournament. With time and passion changing, the titles have also been modified and developed to show through different designs. Annals of World Cup titles over the years.

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Prudential Cup

The trophy awarded to the last champions in the first three editions of the World Cup is called the Prudential Cup. In the beginning, matches played in the tournament used to be 60 during a side event.

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In subsequent editions held in 1975, 1979 and 1983 where the West Indies received the trophy twice before India asserted its authority in the 1983 version, Prudential plc (a financial services company). based in the UK) as the main sponsor. After that, the sponsorship was withdrawn and a new trophy with a different design and name became the ultimate glory of the World Cup.

Interestingly, the Prudential Cup was given back to the Indian team who won the Cricket World Cup in 2008, to mark the jubilant silver celebration of the famous victory of what was then the losers.

Cup Reliance

In 1987, the fourth edition of the World Cup is known as the World Cup Reliance and Australia emerged at the beginning of their game to lay the hands of the Reliance Cup. Even if the tournament format remained unchanged with the top eight teams competing for the title in the cricket world, matches reduced the playing time, as the number of excesses was reduced from 60 to 50.

The 1987 tournament also made sense for the first time the Cricket World Cup ventured to lands outside of England. The 1987 edition which was organized by India and Pakistan was sponsored by Reliance and hence the trophy is called the Reliance Cup.

World Cup Benson & Hedges

1990 saw the Cricket World Cup finally invade new lands and in the 1992 edition held in Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan were the new champions.

For the fifth edition of the tournament, nine teams opposed to the previous eight have competed for the victory of cricket. Sponsored by Benson and Hedges, the World Cup trophy is made entirely of crystals known as the Benson and Hedges Cup. It is also the only ever metal trophy, awarded in a tournament that saw a complete change from white clothes to colored clothes and played with a white ball.

ICC World Cup champion cup

As the World Cup almost advanced into the 21st century with its seventh edition, the cricket management world decided to introduce a permanent trophy that would be unique to the tournament. After 1996, the World Cup ceased to link with any sponsor. Consequently, both the tournament and the award trophy was called by its management association’s name, the International Cricket Council.

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24 years after the World Cup became a regular match, ICC finally got the experts to design the trophy. A team from Garrard and Co which based in London creates the trophy. The current trophy consists of gold and silver.

The 11-kilogram trophy is 60 cm tall and also has a flat side to make it recognizable from any angle. A golden sphere, or cricket ball, is made up of three columns shaped like a tree and the bails represent, in fact, the main aspects of bowling, hitting and defending that make up the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Current Cup. Awarded since 1999 and in subsequent editions in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015, the trophy has the names of previous winners on its hardwood base and is likely to be awarded in four decades. century.