CR7 Showed Off His 6-Pack At Age Of 35, The Truth That Surprised

A recent photo showing CR7 ‘s six-pack body made many people surprised by the Portuguese superstar’s 35-year-old body.

Ronaldo showed off his 6-pack at the age of 35, the truth that surprised many people

Recently, CR7 has made many fans feel very surprised about the photo showing off his flawless 6-pack body. This is also the image posted by Ronaldo during his isolation from the pandemic in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal.

Ronaldo showed off his body during isolation from the pandemic
Ronaldo showed off his body during isolation from the pandemic

The global pandemic is under extreme strain in Italy. After the Serie A tournament was postponed, Ronaldo and his family quickly returned to quarantine in their native Madeira, Portugal.

In the super 7-storey mansion, Ronaldo shows that he is continuing to maintain the usual rigorous training regime, with the goal of maintaining his peak performance at the age of 35. Recently, CR7‘s sister Katia posted online social photograph was taken together when the whole family is in the gym.

Notably, the former Real Madrid striker retains the standard 6-pack body, along with the familiar appearance and style of the brand.

The Portuguese superstar once shocked the doctors at Juventus
The Portuguese superstar once shocked the doctors at Juventus

It can be seen that, even at the age of 35, CR7 still retains the perfect appearance. Thanks to regular training, the Portuguese superstar has no signs of age. It is also the discovery that the team of doctors at Juventus once announced at the time this striker joined the “Old Lady” of Turin.

Accordingly, CR7 has been praised for his strength and toughness when required by a medical examination before completing the contract with Juve. Doctors confirmed that CR7‘s body age is currently only 23, 12 years younger than his actual age.

Besides, the former Real star also owns an amazingly perfect body index. The fat content in Ronaldo‘s body is 7%, young players U23 usually have the index 10-11%. The muscle mass of CR7 accounts for 50%, the figure in the 20s will be 46% less.

Not long ago, the Daily Mail revealed nutrition and exercise to help Cristiano Ronaldo get “extraordinary” status even after turning 35 years old.

“Superman” mode, challenge the pandemic virus

Besides exercising, swimming, the Portuguese superstar also has a strictly controlled sleep and diet. Instead of going through 8 hours of continuous sleep, the former Real Madrid striker chose to do 5 naps a day – with 90 minutes/night.

In Ronaldo‘s menu are low-fat and high-protein dishes. With 6 meals a day, Ronaldo‘s main menu includes chicken, swordfish, cod and tuna – all fresh. At complimentary meals, CR7 also maintains the use of low fat and high protein foods. He said no to red meats, minimizing carbonated drinks or alcohol.

With training in the above mode, Ronaldo considers this the secret to fighting the pandemic virus most effectively. Remember that at Juventus, 3 CR7 teammates Dybala, Rugani and Matuidi were infected. Meanwhile, CR7’s perfectly healthy may be due to extremely good resistance.

Ronaldo trains daily
Ronaldo trains daily

In the past, CR7 has gone through many tests as well as challenges to verify and find his own strengths. Surprisingly, experts admit that Ronaldo‘s body is really like a machine, always producing more results than people.

The cause of that largely comes from the training of the striker. Since starting to play professional football, CR7 has been known for his hard work and scientific diet. Therefore, the Portuguese superstar always keeps his toned body and full fitness.

When training in the gym, CR7 often divided into two exercises: weight training and cardio. This will help him develop muscle and endurance. During the training sessions at Juventus, Ronaldo loves to participate in high-intensity running, helping the 35-year-old superstar retain his fitness as well as his speed.

In addition to training, CR7 also focuses on sleep, a time to help him regain energy. Ronaldo affirmed that this is the most important thing for his body to recover quickly. It can be said that Ronaldo‘s body is a rare case of world football ever.

The flawless body is always Ronaldo's pride
The flawless body is always Ronaldo’s pride

This season, CR7 has been in high form with 21 goals after 22 matches in Serie A for Juventus. CR7‘s consecutive scoring streak has been in progress since early 2020 and only halted after tournaments were postponed due to the pandemic.

According to AS, Ronaldo and his representative, Jorge Mendes, have had significant anti-Covid-19 activities. Specifically, the two men sent 200,000 protective vests to health workers and donated three ventilators to a field hospital in Porto.

In addition, the Portuguese superstar also posted a message about ensuring safety for himself and the community during the complicated epidemic.
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