CR7 Made History With A Record For Consecutive Goals For Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo made history in the match against Juventus Spal by catching the record of consecutive Batistuta and Quagliarella. However, the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic can make the great battle between Juventus vs Inter Milan and quite a lot of Serie A matches that have to be delayed.

Ronaldo made history with a record for consecutive goals for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo with the opening goal on the Spal field scored in 11 consecutive games in Serie A, equal to the record of Gabriel Batistuta (1994/95 with Fiorentina) and Fabio Quagliarella (2018/19 with Sampdoria).

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Including Coppa Italia, including the quarter-final against Roma and the first leg semi-final with Milan, CR7 experienced 13 consecutive shootings, a real scoring machine.

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Ronaldo leveled the record for consecutive goals in Serie A
Ronaldo leveled the record for consecutive goals in Serie A

Batigol has scored 11 consecutive games without interruption, while both the Portuguese and Quagliarella’s record is related to the matches they actually appear on the pitch.

In fact, Ronaldo was not called up for the match against Brescia, while Quagliarella was on the bench for 90 minutes against Roma last season.

Thus, CR7 will officially go into Serie A history and on Sunday next week if scoring in the reception of Inter, which means holding an absolute record.


Ronaldo has scored 21 goals in Serie A this season

For now, he has been on par with Rui Costa at the top of the Portuguese players’ Serie A scoring list with 42 goals.

Ronaldo scored 21 goals in 25 matches for a Serie A team whose last player to do that was John Charles in the 1957/58 season (22). He now has the same number of goals (21) in Serie A as last season.

Serie A top scorer list of 2019/20: Ronaldo still stomps one place

In the match Juventus had to guest against SPAL, Ronaldo continued to show his charm. The Portuguese striker opened the scoring in the 2-1 victory of the Turin team. Those are really happy results for both Ronaldo and Juventus.

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At this point, Juventus is 4 points ahead of Lazio and playing more than 1 match. Ronaldo also closed the gap in the top scorer race with Ciro Immobile. The Portuguese striker has 21 goals, 5 goals less than the leading striker of Lazio (26). Lazio will make a trip to Genoa in the early match of the round of 25 Serie A today.

Behind CR7 are Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan) with 17 goals, Joao Pedro (Cagliari) and Ilicic (Atalanta) are 14 goals. Lukaku is also very high in Inter Milan’s shirt color. This team has the latest match in the round of 25 Serie A when welcoming Sampdoria at home.

Top scorer of Serie A 2019/20 (updated to round 25)


The Italian Derby between Juventus and Inter Milan may be delayed due to the corona virus

Italy is becoming the largest COVID-19 epidemic site in Europe and the third-largest in the world. As of today, the boot-shaped country has had 691 cases positive for Corona virus, of which 4 have died and 10 have recovered.

With the current situation, not only Italy’s economy, culture, society are affected, but also the Serie A tournament will likely be delayed. The match is considered to be the “early final” of the season, the Derby d’Italia between Juventus vs Inter Milan may not go as planned.

According to the schedule, the Italian Derby will be held on March 02. However, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, BTC Serie A is considering ways to change to suit the situation.

Previously, all matches taking place in the Lombardy epidemic in round 25 of Serie A will be delayed, including 3 matches in Serie A including Inter vs Sampdoria, Verona vs Cagliari and Atalanta vs Sassuolo, in addition to pairs. Torino vs Parma.

In the latest developments, Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora made a decision on the plan to make up for matches in the near future in the highest tournament of pasta. The matches will be held in the middle of March but will be played on an empty field.

Inter Milan is probably the team that is most affected by the Italian team. In addition to two rounds in Serie A, Inter’s home match against Ludogorets in the Europa League on Friday is also likely to be delayed.
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