CR7 Doesn’t Deserve To Be Mocked As ‘Penaldo’

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo has long been nicknamed the uncomfortable nickname of Penaldo by anti-fans. If you want to provoke Ronaldo, all have achieved the goal, but in fact, CR7 is not the type of player who is only good at scoring goals on penalties.

What did happen?

Remember in the Real Madrid game, Malmo 8-0 in the Champions League group stage of 2014/15, CR7 impressed when he hit the opponent’s net with 4 goals. Of course, he has reason to be proud to have become the first player to reach the 10-goal mark in Europe’s most prestigious club group stage.

Unfortunately for this player, while in a state of excitement, he was hit by a reporter with cold water in a quick interview that took place right after the match. So what did the reporter do to make CR7 suddenly change his emotions? Turns out he doesn’t understand why he suddenly wondered about Ronaldo scoring too many goals from a distance of 11m.

CR7 Doesn't Deserve To Be Mocked As 'Penaldo'

When he heard that ungainly question, CR7 was annoyed when he gave the answer: “Have you looked at the statistics? Do you know how many goals I scored for Real Madrid? How many of them are 11m fruits? “

Ronaldo also had to hate, because in the Real match to destroy Malmo, none of his poker goals were scored on penalties. The reason Ronaldo was asked this is probably because the nickname ‘Penaldo’ has left a deep impression in the public opinion.

Ronaldo was annoyed with being called Penaldo
Ronaldo was annoyed with being called Penaldo

CR7 doesn’t deserve to be mocked as ‘Penaldo’

Actually, Ronaldo also has a part in this. If it was not CR7 himself who did not tend to inflate the value of goals on the 11m mark, perhaps he would not be so bad that the anti-fans brought the penalties as an excuse for “kicking.”

The clearest evidence for this is what happened in the Champions League final 2013/14. In that match, Ronaldo successfully completed the 11m kick that set Real’s 4-1 victory over Atletico in extra time. At that time the match was only counted in seconds and considered the Royal Spanish team was sure to win.

Yet CR7 still undressed and celebrated in an extremely crazy way, as if he had just scored a precious goal like gold. In terms of importance, of course, that goal is still far from being able to match the header of midfielder Sergio Ramos in the last minute to help Real escape in the official time of play.

Back with the nickname, Penaldo can confirm that CR7 is indeed a good goal when the home team is awarded a penalty. However, he also deserves the honor of 11m kick for successfully taking advantage of up to 93/107 chances of a penalty kick.

Ronaldo kicked 11m very well
Ronaldo kicked 11m very well

It should be known, since the first season to play for Real (2009/10) to date, except for CR7, no one has touched the above two figures. The problem is that Ronaldo rival Lionel Messi is also often faced with an opponent from 11m (82 times), but no one has been nicknamed “Penalsi”.

While Messi is criticized by many for wasting too many penalties (he only scored 64 goals in this way), CR7 rarely misses the opportunity from the 11m kick. With a successful penalty rate of up to 87%, Ronaldo without priority to shoot 11m is a strange story.

It should be added that in the past 11 years CR7 scored 503 goals but only 18% of them are accurate penalty kicks. That’s not too high a rate knowing that, up to 20% of the 267 goals that striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored from the 2008/09 season to now come from the 11m mark.

There is also the opinion that the nickname Penaldo is primarily meant to refer to Ronaldo‘s selfishness on the field. If so, this view is also wrong, because from 2009/10 until now CR7 is only behind Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Eden Hazard in terms of assists.

In short, the nickname Penaldo is absolutely not suitable for CR7 at all. If the fact was so that CR7 continued to be called Penaldo, obviously he has a warm reason for being unfairly treated by public opinion.
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