Formula 1 2020 is suffering because of COVID-19 Virus

The outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide are currently affecting many world sporting events that will take place in the coming months. Facing that situation, FIA and Formula 1 made the decision to officially postpone indefinitely with the Chinese GP race in Shanghai, taking place on April 17-19.

Formula 1 in China

The organizer of the Chinese GP race, Juss Sports Group, has officially proposed to cancel the race this year after negotiations with the China Sports Racing Federation (CAMF) and the Shanghai Sports Association. The port city imposed a ban on all major cultural and entertainment events in March, and the Formula E race in Sanya, Hainan Island on March 21 was also canceled earlier.

With concerns about health and the organization of the World Health Organization – WHO declares a global emergency, Formula 1 and FIA authorities all approve this proposal to ensure the safety of all those. stakeholders with the audience.

Sanya City will not have this second Formula E event in 2020

Formula 1 and FIA also continue to work closely with racing teams, organizers, CAMFs and local authorities to monitor the progress of the disease. From there find an alternative plan in the future if the situation improves. However, by the time the official organizers made the decision to cancel the event this year, meaning that all other alternatives are proved impossible.

It should be remembered that Formula 1 is about to enter the 70th anniversary season of the tournament with a record number of races – 22 races taking place around the world in just 38 weeks. Therefore, all efforts to “cram” Shanghai into one of the few remaining vacant positions are almost impossible.

According to the current schedule, the most likely time for the Shanghai stage is during the summer vacation period from Monday, August 3 to Friday, August 28. However, according to sports rules, there is a section on the closure of racing teams’ factories.

The racing teams don’t want to shorten the precious one-month vacation

It is required that all employees directly involved in the design and construction activities of the racing team take a mandatory vacation. Section 21.8 of the rules of the sport states: “All teams must go through a 14-day period of consecutive factory closures between two consecutive events that occur 24 days apart in July or/and August.

If the two successive events are only 17 days apart, there must be a 13-day factory shutdown. In both cases, racing teams must inform FIA and Formula 1 in advance of their closing plans for the first 30 days of the start of the season. ”

This inadvertently created a ‘mild headache’ for FIA. Due to the cancellation of Shanghai, there will be one more month-long break from the Hanoi race on April 5 and the European opening stage in the Netherlands on May 3 and since then the competition density has been beginning to thicken. The current available weekends to avoid summer vacation in August include May 15-17, May 29-31, May 19-21, June 10-12, July 24-26, 11-13 / 09, 02-04 / 10, 16-18 / 10, 06-08 / 11 and 20-22 / 11.

The tight schedule makes it difficult for an alternative to proceed

A total of 10 vacancies, but if you place Shanghai in any position, it will create at least one new triple-header (three races in three consecutive weeks) or more.

Here are the results of each case if Shanghai is put into the game:

  • May 15-17: 4 consecutive races (Netherlands, Spain, China, Monaco)
  • May 29-31: 4 consecutive races (Monaco, China, Azerbaijan, Canada)
  • June 19-21: 5 consecutive races (Azerbaijan, Canada, China, France, Austria)
  • 10-12 / 07: 4 consecutive races (France, Austria, China, England)
  • 24-26 / 07: 3 consecutive races (England, China, Hungary)
  • 11-13 / 09: 5 consecutive races (Belgium, Italy, China, Singapore, Russia)
  • 02-04 October: 4 consecutive races (Singapore, Russia, China, Japan)
  • October 16-18: 4 consecutive races (Japan, China, USA, Mexico)
  • 06-08 / 11: 4 consecutive races (USA, Mexico, China, Brazil)
  • November 20-22: 3 consecutive races (Brazil, China, Abu Dhabi)

Looking at the above statistics, in addition to the dense racing schedule (which everyone feels “terrified”), we see many irrational points about the geographical position of the countries that organize consecutive races. It will be an unimaginable task as the racing teams must transfer huge volumes of equipment from South America, to East Asia and then return to the Middle East in less than 20 days. That would make all the means to cut operating costs useless.

Formula 1  2020 will almost certainly only have 21 races remaining

Moreover, FIA and Formula 1 are trying to limit the consecutive races in a season to reduce the load for the racing teams, so the above capabilities are eliminated. Another proposal is to shorten the summer vacation to only 3 weeks, which has been strongly opposed by the racing teams because this is a valuable time for them to recharge to go to phase 2 even tougher.

But above all, we do not know whether it is safe to return to Shanghai to host this year’s Formula 1 event? The spread of the Covid-19 disease is unpredictable in the coming time as the number of people infected and deaths continue to increase day by day and ít effect to Formula 1 is unpredictable.