Premier League Awaits Ruling Because Of Covid-19 Pandemic

The Premier League and other football leagues in the UK are affected by the Covid-19 virus. One-time legend of English football, Gary Lineker predicts the Premier League may end sooner than expected due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Premier League may end soon, European football is crazy

The Covid-19 pandemic is “sweeping” across Europe. In particular, the UK is increasing the number of people infected quite quickly. Specifically, at the end of March 11, 456 cases were identified and at least 5 people died.

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In the face of danger, the British government is considering suspending sports activities if things in this country continue to turn bad.

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There is no guarantee that Liverpool will receive the trophy
There is no guarantee that Liverpool will receive the trophy

One-time legend of English football, Gary Lineker wrote on his personal Twitter. “The match between Man City and Arsenal has been postponed. I am feeling ready to begin for the early end of the season. ”

Clearly Gary Lineker’s warning is redundant. The Daily Mail recently said that the sporting event in the next 2 months is likely to be canceled. And even, the Premier League is forced to end early and there is no guarantee that the rankings of the teams will remain. This means that there is no guarantee that Liverpool will receive the Premier League trophy at the end of the season.

All will depend on the decision of the organizers if the Government requires. It is worth saying that Liverpool only needs 2 more victories to officially win the championship, while the Premier League 2019/2020 is still 9 rounds.

According to coach Pep Guardiola and legend Gary Neville, the two also favor pause games rather than playing in an uninhabited audience. The Spanish military official said. “It’s like an actor going to the theater without anyone there. Football is for people. Of course, we will follow the instructions of the Government. ”

At the moment, the most worrying thing is that the Covid-19 pandemic broke out violently in Italy. All football activities will be suspended at least until April 3. While in Spain, matches in the first and second division will take place without an audience for at least the next two weeks.

While in Germany, the Champions League match of the second leg of the round between Bayern Munich and Chelsea next week is expected to have no audience. France’s Ligue I and Ligue II will only be limited to 1,000 fans until April 15.

European countries have people with Covid-19 Pandemic
European countries have people with Covid-19 Pandemic

Although countries in Europe are reeling from the plague, UEFA still claims Euro 2020 will still take place according to the original schedule. After consulting with the World Health Organization, UEFA believes that 12 major European cities are fully equipped with medical infrastructure to deal with Covid-19.

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Premier League awaits ruling because of Covid-19 pandemic: Continued kick or postponed?

The UK Government will announce its anti Covid-19 pandemic plan by requiring the cancellation of mass gatherings and sporting events among them. According to The Times, it is likely that football matches in the UK will take place on the field without spectators until the end of the season.

Will Premier League matches played on an empty field from now till the end of the season?
Will Premier League matches played on an empty field from now till the end of the season?

The Times said this season will not be postponed but matches will close the pitch to keep the audience in the stands. In return, the organizers of the football leagues will provide a service to watch online matches for people who buy tickets for the whole season or buy retail tickets.

Not only banning the audience to the field, but the match broadcast on television and English football culture also has a tradition of fans coming to the pubs to gather to watch the matches. This will also be strictly banned, and for the Premier League alone, matches will not be held within the local time frame of 15:00.

The number of cases of Covid-19 virus in the UK is currently at 460 and today, a meeting of the Government Council will decide to issue the decree if the number of infected people exceeds 500. FA, Premier League officials and the lower leagues are waiting for news from the government to prepare.

There has been a Premier League match this season affected by the Covid-19 virus, a compensatory match between Man City and Arsenal scheduled to take place on the night of March 11 has been postponed after the owner of Olympiakos Club in Greece was positive. with the virus, and the Arsenal players are said to have met him two weeks ago while playing in the Europa League. West Ham players are also being checked because they met Arsenal last weekend.

Also according to The Times, the final decision on organizing matches in England will be made on March 12 local time.
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