Coutinho & James Rodriguez, số 10 trận đấu ở Bayern?

Philippe Coutinho and James Rodriguez have brought a bit of Latin flair to Bayern Munich in recent seasons. But between the two attacking midfielders wearing this number 10 shirt, who is better than whom?

Coutinho & James Rodriguez, Which No.10 Is Better At Bayern?

Philippe Coutinho & James Rodriguez, which number 10 is better at Bayern Munich?

A number of Bayern legends wore the number 10 shirt – from Uli Hoeness to Steffen Effenberg, then Lothar Matthaus and Arjen Robben. However, in the last two seasons, Bayern’s No 10 belongs to players of Latin American descent. Previously, Rodriguez borrowed from Real and now is Coutinho borrowed from Barca.

Consider James Rodriguez first, some 10 have had 43 matches for Bayern, including 14 goals and 14 assists. Rodriguez’s style is a left-footed attacking midfielder who is good at controlling the ball and has a strategic vision. These two factors made him useful in Germany, and like being revived after two “dead” seasons at Real.

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The star who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe Award with 6 goals for Colombia proved to be interested in creating opportunities for teammates. Look at the number of assists in his goal. When playing at the Allianz Arena, James Rodriguez kicked deeper and often passed the ball long-range.

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Coutinho & James Rodriguez, Which No.10 Is Better At Bayern?

In the two seasons with Bayern, James Rodriguez has 14 goals, reaching the rate of 1 goal after every 5.3 shots. Maybe Patrik Schick that RB Leipzig borrowed from AS Roma has a higher scoring rate (after every 4.1 shots), but this is due to the lower number of minutes the Czech player plays (only playing 15 matches, in That was 10 kicks).

James Rodriguez played nearly three times of Schick’s matches and his shots not only appeared within the opponent’s penalty area, so his conversion rate of shots into goals was more impressive.

Not only that, but 14 assists also created is 10 times higher than other players from 137 chances created. Rodriguez’s ability to distribute long balls has become a remarkable thing. In total, he had 2,244 long passes and 88.4% of those passes reached Bayern players.

James has won two Bundesliga titles with Bayern
James has won two Bundesliga titles with Bayern

Rodriguez has had many memorable moments, with the goals of the season being the best, notably his free-kick in a 3-1 victory over Bayer Leverkusen in January 2018.

But that was overshadowed after he “went to god” in Bayern’s 6-0 thrashing to Mainz 14 months later. His hat-trick in this match showed his full talent: chest support created the premise for a volley to increase the score to 2-0; a shot from the outside edge of the 16m50 round scored the fourth goal; and a delicate touch at close range on goal 5.

Compatriot Adolfo Valencia scored 11 goals in 25 games for Bayern as a striker in the early 1990s, while Adrian Ramos – another Colombian striker – scored 46 Bundesliga goals in two seasons. shirt for Hertha Berlin and Borussia Dortmund, but Rodriguez is still the first Latin player to score a hat-trick at the greatest club in German football.

He also harvested 2 Bundesliga silver wheels and won the German National Cup in 2018/19. Those successes were easy for Bayern Munich, but for James Rodriguez, it also marked a beautiful stage in this Latin American midfielder’s adventure in Europe.

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Now, let’s take a look at Philippe Coutinho’s performance, who also had 22 matches, 8 goals and 6 assists in his first season for Bayern. Those are the numbers that appeared before football was halted by the pandemic.

A little smaller but faster than James Rodriguez, Philippe Coutinho is still a quintessential modern number 10, which can create and take chances from almost every ball situation appearing on the last 1/3 of the pitch.

Philippe Coutinho likes to play in the middle or invade the middle from the left and shoot a powerful hammer into the far corner. The Brazilian magician has also impressed the Bundesliga fans since coming here earlier this season.

Coutinho’s 8 goals in the Bundesliga this season appear in just 22 games, of which only 15 start matches. If 6 assists are converted into 6 goals, the former Liverpool player has 1 goal every 99 minutes in the Bundesliga.

Coutinho has conquered German fans with beautiful magic
Coutinho has conquered German fans with beautiful magic

If James Rodriguez kicked back and received the ball early, Philippe Coutinho kicked higher, ready to crack down like a hard new shilling. On average, each match, Coutinho has 25 sprints at nearly 45km per hour, the weapon that helps him win an average of 21 times per match, in 1-on-1 matches.

Coutinho’s most magical moment in a Bayern shirt was the great victory at Werder Bremen 6-1 in December 2019. Bayern had lost the previous two matches – losing to Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Moenchengladbach – and everything seemed to be the same when Milot Rashica conceded an opener.

However, a hat-trick and two assists from Philippe Coutinho turned the game into a game for the home team and for the Brazilian midfielder. After the match, coach Hansi Flick had to praise it as “the best 90 minutes of Coutinho’s performance” and “pure quintessence”.

Philippe Coutinho has inherited Robben’s number 10 shirt and James’ number 10 position. However, expectations for him were greatly reduced because Coutinho could not be better than Thomas Mueller and Serge Gnabry. Also, the time he plays here is not long enough.

The Bundesliga is likely to return after being affected by the pandemic virus before Coutinho prepares to return to Barcelona. The championship almost belongs to Bayern as in previous seasons, because they are leading the table with 4 points more than the team behind.

And CoutinPhilippe Coutinho ho also has a gift to take home. Anyway, James Rodriguez and Coutinho are both great 10s with the subtlety of Latin football, which has brought a new wind to the Bundesliga.

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