Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe Prediction | Gold Cup 2021 | 07/13

Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe Prediction: Besides Jamaica, Costa Rica also received high praise for their ability to progress to Group C Gold Cup 2021. In contrast, Guadeloupe will certainly face many challenges when facing Costa Rica. The opportunity for Guadeloupe to earn 1 point is almost nonexistent.

Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe Prediction


  • Match date: 01:00 am on 2021/07/13
  • Event: Gold Cup 2021
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Exploria Stadium






Costa Rica is receiving much higher appreciation than the competition. If they play at their best, Costa Rica will easily earn 3 full points.

Costa Rica’s form in the last 5 matches: D L L L L 

Looking at the Gold Cup tournament taking place in 2019, Costa Rica was in Group B. After 3 matches in the group stage, the result they had was 2 wins and 1 loss. Winning 6 points, Costa Rica finished second in Group B to win tickets to play in the quarterfinals. However, having to face a highly regarded opponent, Mexico, despite their best efforts, Los Ticos was still eliminated.

So they really want to do it again in this year’s tournament. However, the recent performance of Costa Rica has not had the necessary stability. Considering the last 5 matches played, Costa Rica only earned 1 draw. It was a goalless draw in a friendly against Bosnia. With the remaining 4 matches, coach Luis Fernando Suárez’s students all had to lose. Recently, they lost to the US 0-4. 

Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe Prediction

Guadeloupe’s form in the last 5 matches: W W W W W 

Guadeloupe had to go through extremely difficult qualifying matches to be able to participate in the group stage of the Gold Cup 2021. When facing the Bahamas, Guadeloupe earned himself a 2-0 victory. However, in the second match, they needed to go to a penalty shootout to overcome Guatemala. Therefore, the fitness problem of Les Gwada Boys is being questioned.

In general, Guadeloupe’s performance in recent years is still having the necessary stability. Considering the last 5 matches played, coach Jocelyn Angloma’s students all won. Notably, if extended to the previous matches, the number of consecutive victories that Les Gwada Boys earned is 6. Returning to the latest match when facing Guatemala, Guadeloupe won the bet.

Select: Costa Rica FT. 


Looking at Costa Rica’s recent matches, their attack cannot have the necessary efficiency. Considering the last 5 matches played, Costa Rica has only scored 2 goals. Meanwhile, the defense has received 7 goals. On average, 1 game conceded 1.4 times.

On the other side of the front line, Guadeloupe possesses an effective offensive line. Also counting only the past 5 matches of this team, the number of goals they have scored is 18. The corresponding scoring efficiency has been 3.6 goals/match. Notably, the defense received exactly 2 goals.

With Over/Under 2.25, the last 5 Costa Rican matches have won Under 3 times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On Guadeloupe’s side, Under won twice in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Under 2.25 FT.


These two teams have not had many opportunities to face each other directly in history. Specifically, from 2007 until now, the total number of encounters between them is only 2. It is not surprising that Costa Rica is more dominant with both wins in the end. The last time they met, Costa Rica beat Guadeloupe 5-1.

Select: Costa Rica FT.

Rosenborg vs Kristiansund Prediction: Costa Rica 2-0 Guadeloupe FT (1-0 H1).

Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe Prediction


Costa Rica: L. Moreira, F. Calvo, K. Waston, A. Cruz, K. Fuller, O. Duarte, Y. Lopez, J. Marin, L. Diaz, A. Martinez.

Guadeloupe: K. Ajax, K. Irep, T. Pineau, D. Cavare, S. Solvet, A. Baron, V. Tille, M. Phaeton, S. Romage, K. Malpon, R. Mirval.

The above is information about the prediction in the 1st match between Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe of Gold Cup 2021 on 2021/07/13 of the CMD368 bookie.