Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 06/24

Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction: Both Corinthians and Sport Recife are going through really bleak times at the start of this season. They are both in the bottom half of the table at the moment. Therefore, both will have to aim for victory in the upcoming match to be able to find a way out for themselves. It will be a competition with drama on every inch of land and equally attractive.

Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction


  • Match date: 07:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Neo Química Arena






With only 1 win in the first 5 rounds, Corinthians really did not have a good start to this season. With 5 points being obtained after 5 rounds, this team is holding the smell of having to stand in 11th place at the moment. In general, there are still many opportunities for them to break up. This is the time when Corinthians will still need to make moves to improve their performance.

Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction

Meanwhile, with Sport Recife, the away team is even worse when with 3 defeats after only 5 games played. They are also having a hard time in the battle to find themselves when with 4 points in possession. Sport Recife is currently ranked 15th in the rankings. The problems at the beginning of the season for Sport Recife are not small. They will certainly still need a boost both mentally and in form in the near future to be able to make a breakthrough. It will be a competition with the game where the host will still have a certain dominance. But the ability to explode still brings many doubts.

Select: Under FT.


With the home-field advantage, Corinthians will still be the team that is more appreciated than Sport Recife in this match. Obviously, the away team is also in a relatively difficult situation will be an opportunity for the home team to get more important points for themselves. Sport Recife owns a relatively out-of-date play style, the lack of synchronicity in both attack and defense. These making them relatively limited in the turning point opportunities of the match. Meanwhile, Corinthians are having problems in their attacking ability when only 3 goals scored is an extremely poor number. 

However, statistics also show that Corinthians have taken advantage of their home advantage quite well. Recently, they only had 4 defeats in 12 matches at their home before. The number is enough to make Sport Recife shy when the away team can only get 3 wins in 12 trips away from home in the past time. The advantage of the yard will be a fulcrum for Corinthians to play proactively against Sport Recife. And they will most likely retain 3 points for themselves.

Select: Corinthians FT.


The European handicap is also an advantage for Corinthians. It is an extremely difficult time and more than ever Corinthians will need to have the determination to rise up. Along with the solutions to get themselves back to the current spin. The advantages they have will be the basis for them to think of a victory over Sport Recife in the next match.

Select: Corinthians FT.


Sport Recife has always been a rather uncomfortable opponent for Corinthians. The home team could only win 2 and lose 3 out of 7 previous encounters with the away team. However, Sport Recife is not playing really well at the beginning of this season.  Corinthians will still have the basis to be confident in this rematch. Making good use of the advantages and opportunities will help Corinthians get 3 important points to overcome the current difficulties.

Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction: Corinthians 2-0 Sport Recife FT (1-0 H1).

Corinthians vs Sport Recife Prediction


Corinthians: Mailson, Norberto, Sander, Charles, Rafael Thyere, Adryelson, Ezequiel, Hernane, Yago, Leandrinho, Guilherme Augusto.

Sport Recife: Cássio, Carlos Augusto, Michel, Jadson, Fagner, Danilo Avelar, Gabriel Girotto, Ralf, Mauro Boselli, Mateus Vital, Gustavo.

The above is information about the prediction in the 6th match between Corinthians vs Sport Recife of Brasileiro Serie A on 2021/06/24 of the CMD368 bookie.