Confronted With Messi and Ronaldo Was Blocked By The Pandemic

The global pandemic is causing Messi and Ronaldo not only to not play football but also to break plans to compete directly with each other.

Confronted with Messi – Ronaldo was blocked by the pandemic

Despite having to stay at home in isolation, both Lionel Messi and rival Cristiano Ronaldo are very active in the fight with the community against the global pandemic. The two superstars have spent 1 million euros to support the medical team to cure victims of this deadly disease.

Ronaldo and Messi missed a match this summer due to the global pandemic
Ronaldo and Messi missed a match this summer due to the global pandemic

According to the original plan, Messi and Ronaldo will have the opportunity to play again when Barcelona and Juventus participate in the friendly quarterfinals with defending champions South Africa – Mamelodi Sundowns and the club from Marocco – Wydad Casablanca in July this year. This is a tournament held on Loftus Versfeld (Pretoria, Gauteng) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Mamelodi Sundowns Club.

The owner of this club, billionaire Patrice Motsepe has spent a lot of money to invite Barca and Juve to this heroic quarter-finals with the desire to witness Messi and Ronaldo compete in South Africa.

However, this plan has just officially fallen. According to the Daily Stars, the complicated Covid-19 pandemic made world football wobble and Mamelodi Sundowns decided to cancel the aforementioned quarter-finals.

Yogesh Singh, managing director of the club, admitted: “Yes, we had plans to hold the tournament, but now everything is delayed. Any plan we can do. Now you have to put it back in. Remember, without football, we can’t even say anything about that.

Ronaldo and Messi missed a match this summer due to the global pandemic

Messi had come to South Africa to play when Barca won Mamelodi Sundowns 3-1 almost 2 years ago in a friendly match to honor the late South African President Nelson Mandela

Even if the disease with the epidemic virus disappears, the number one priority will be the end of this season and now there are too many challenges with that. So we can’t think of any friendly matches. We need to pause and forget about sports. Right now, we are just worried about people’s health and life. “

In May 2018, billionaire Patrice Motsepe invited Barcelona and Messi to South Africa to compete with Mamelodi Sundowns. At that time, “Catalunya giants” with Messi, Andres Iniesta, Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele in the team won 3-1 before the home team.

With the postponement of the friendly, the fans will be sorry because Messi and Ronaldo are both old and kicking in two different league leagues, so the opportunity to meet the two players will only come in the European Cup. There is not much time left for fans to see a heroic match between these two outstanding players.

Barcelona had the first positive pandemic virus case, worried Messi

According to La Vanguardia, Spain’s leading daily newspaper, Barcelona has become the next team to have members infected with the pandemic virus. Specifically, Ramon Canal’s Health Director, Ramon Canal, tested positive for the virus.

Messi and his teammates are very worried about the situation of the team
Messi and his teammates are very worried about the situation of the team

In addition to the case of the head of the Barcelona medical division, Josep Antoni Gutierrez, who is now the medical director of the Barcelona handball team, was also infected with the epidemic after the blood test. According to SPORT (Spain), both of these senior figures are now hospitalized for treatment.

According to insiders, the last training session of the players took place on March 13 and since then, no stars in the team returned to the headquarters of Barcelona. However, when the Spanish representative announced the first case, anxiety was covering the entire team.

The star Lionel Messi is still living with his family in a villa in Castelldefels, Spain. The Argentine striker is still working hard and keeping fitness with his own exercises. The global pandemic occurring in Barca may be due to the external contact of Mr. Ramon Canal. However, according to the notice of the team health 

Barcelona is being attacked by the pandemic
Barcelona is being attacked by the pandemic

Barcelona is also severely financially affected by the epidemic. They have just made plans to reduce 70% of the entire team salary until La Liga back. However, Spain’s top-level tournament has announced an indefinite postponement. This makes the situation is becoming more and more complicated for Messi and his teammates.

Spain currently has the 4th largest number of pandemic infections in the world and is second only to Italy in terms of deaths. Many big teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid are having a headache with their force plan. If Barcelona is in danger of selling a series of stars like Messi, Griezmann, Real is not better than it is when it is difficult to spend money on the transfer market.
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