Combat Sports And The “Understanding Insiders”

Combat sports is the embodiment of modern martial arts, in which everyone can observe how martial arts show their ability. Combat sports makes a community (maybe) not practicing martial arts professionally but watching every match, enjoying every kick, every blow as a real passion. However, no matter how much a “professional” audience, there are still interesting things in combat sports that only insiders can understand.

Disciplinary battle

Combat sports are not an improvised battle of martial artists’ skills and physical abilities. This is more true of the professional level. There are many boxers who became famous by the way, by spontaneous improvisation and bold instinct. Even so, to reach that level, martial artists still have to undergo a practice, memorize and apply tactics as a true discipline.

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The legend of Manny Pacquiao (right) said: “Boxing is the most lonely and harsh combat sports on the planet”. He himself is a boxer full of instincts and has a career full of joys and sorrows related to his competitive tactics.

For example, each opponent’s attack plan or attack preparation may be disabled by a plan that you have practiced before, and have proven in the game that it is effective. Thus, throughout the game, you will have to repeat that plan dozens, even hundreds of times. There will be times when you see an opportunity to attack immediately, but discipline will recommend that you continue to maintain that style of fighting to wear out your opponent’s stamina and stamina. The more complex the combat sports, the more the fighters will be able to stick to the tactics and the right way to deal with the problem will give much better results. MMA legends such as GSP, Tyron Woodley, Jon Jones … are typical examples.

In many matches, boxers may immediately see their overwhelming advantage or ability to enter the match. Even so, an immediate rush of attacks can bring unpredictable risks. Faced with the desire to win fast, win big, fighters must have good discipline, restrain the intention to “override” the opponent to carry out all steps of research and check the opponent’s habits, planing. worn out and then proceeded to find ways to attack – it is a disciplined play of really formidable fighters.

Tactic battle

MMA legend Bas Rutten once said: “There is no unbeatable tactic, only one strategy will prevail over the other”. Indeed, tactics are one of the most headache problems of combat sports fighters.

Before the match (especially at the professional level), the coaches will discuss and study the opponent (including what he has shown and his potential to avoid having “New trick”), then to suit the fighter,  a strategy will be created. For some small arenas, boxers often don’t know too much about their opponents, but the coach still has to find the right tactics for his boxers to exploit his greatest potential. at the same time, he limits the risk or the risk that he can counter too hard.

MMA legend George Saint Pierre, the former UFC champion, has climbed from a low base and master tactic.

Thus, it can be seen that the fight between the two boxers has actually started since the two of them have not touched the gloves. That is a tactical battle. Moreover, this battle is a combination of a martial artist – coach, that is, if only one of two people do the wrong task, the game will turn in a bad way.

When entering the first half, he must follow the tactics set out earlier, while the coach will have to focus on observing to re-evaluate the tactics. If he can “survive” through the first combat sports half, he will have 30 seconds – 1 minute of rest and listen to his coach make a decision to adjust or request to continue to maintain the strategy. But if things go too fast and everything deviates from what has been determined, the fighter will not have the advice of the coach to decide his own tactics before getting too seriously injured. physical strength or even knock out in the first combat sports half.

Anderson Silva – one of the boxers capable of setting up tactics in the middle of the great half, and he is also an MMA legend.

Physical battle

There is another battle that normal viewers will never understand, the battle of “physical”. Each discipline has a different way for boxers to “waste” each other’s physical strength, creating a premise for the second combat sports half of the match. In striking subjects such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing … the physical fight is shown in capturing distance, angle, how the boxers perform attack techniques – disable attacks. For example, a Jab (straight fist) is a good punch with very little energy but can cause the opponent to concentrate and lose more energy to handle it – so pushing the opponent with a Jab The clever way is to use a little trick to force the opponent to tire faster than you.

In some disciplines, physical battles involve a great deal of technology and tactics. Jiujitsu is an example. A half of Jiujitsu can last 10 – 15 minutes while other subjects can only bear 1/3 of that number. The secret is that Jiujitsu is a master of the ability to manage his fitness fund, and the BJJ match has a lot of “breaks” that a fighter can create by having a control position. , a good guard or mount, the one who doesn’t get it before he is out of breath will be the one who is complete “physically collapsed” because he doesn’t even have the space to rest.

Side Control – one of the poses that allow you to “freeze” the Jiujitsu game, giving yourself time and a relaxed state to recover and the opponent does not have that.

The bigger arena, the smaller the distance between the combat sports fighters, the “fight and kill” or squeeze the opponent and win quickly is what still happens, but at a much lower rate. much. The physical battle is an important part of professional combat sport because it shows the superiority of techniques and tactics, and helps the game to be longer and more attractive later.

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