Coach Tan Cheng Hoe: ‘Malaysia Team Will Win The AFF Cup 2020’

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe expressed his belief that the Malaysia team will return to the success cycle by winning the championship in the AFF Cup 2020.

Malaysia Team

Coach Tan Cheng Hoe: ‘Malaysia team will win the AFF Cup 2020’

Malaysia team was crowned champion of the AFF Cup 2010. When the AFF Cup 2020 takes place, it will mark the 10th anniversary of “Tigers” becoming the champion of Southeast Asia. Besides the 10-year milestone, coach Tan Cheng Hoe also believes in the “omen” named Vietnam.

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Malaysia team is having a strong force. Besides, we are also facing the championship cycle. It is a 10-year cycle, and also related to the fact that Vietnam won the AFF Cup two years later, Malaysia plays a historic role in the Southeast Asia Championship”, coach Tan Cheng Hoe shared with the media.

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Currently, coach Tan Cheng Hoe owns the force evenly. In addition to familiar faces like Safawi Rasid, Safari, Zaquan …, Malaysia will also have a significant increase from naturalized players. Currently, coach Tan Cheng Hoe has 4 naturalized faces including striker Mohamadou Sumareh, Matthew Davies, left-back Corbin-Ong and central midfielder Brendan Gan. Recently, Malaysia also confirmed the successful naturalization of midfielder Liridon Krasnniqi, who is playing extremely well in the Johor Darul Ta’zim club shirt.

Malaysia Team
Malaysia confidently turns over the champion of Vietnam

Besides, FAM is rushing to complete procedures with Lee Tuck (Brazilian) and target English player – De Paula. In addition, the Malaysia Football Federation is supporting players who have played in the Champions League and the Belgian youth team – Johan Cools to complete the necessary procedures to be able to become Malaysian citizens.

Even so, coach Tan Cheng Hoe still expressed caution when talking about the AFF Cup championship in 2020. “Strong force is one thing, it is equally important to have a well-prepared roadmap and get into the right track. from now on”, Malaysia team‘s “captain” emphasized.

In addition to the ambition to win the AFF Cup 2020, Malaysia team also showed their determination to advance to the final round of the 2022 World Cup qualifier. After 5 matches in Group G, Malaysia has 9 points, ranked second after Vietnam (11 points). Coach Tan Cheng Hoe’s team will have a meeting with Vietnam in the next match in Group G later this year.

How does Thailand withdraw from the AFF Cup 2020 affect Vietnam team?

In the crisis caused by the global pandemic, as well as to focus primarily on the goal of winning tickets to the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Thai Football Federation is considering the possibility of dropping out of the expected AFF Cup 2020 takes place later this year.

This is really bad news for the AFF Cup organizers because compared to other teams in Southeast Asia, the absence of the Thai team in this playground will affect a lot of problems.

First and foremost is the attraction of the tournament. In Southeast Asia, only the AFF Cup is a national team tournament and has a tradition of nearly 25 years.

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This Southeast Asian football championship was first held in Singapore in 1996, with its original name being the Tiger Cup. The first year champion was none other than Thailand.

Up to now, in 12 times of organizing the tournament, there have been 4 championship teams, including Thailand has won 5 titles, Singapore has 4 titles, Vietnam has 2 titles and Malaysia with 1 title. The most recent championship was in 2018, the Vietnamese team won the championship of Southeast Asia, after defeating Malaysia with a total score of 3-2 in the first and second finals.

In the AFF Cup, the Thai team has always been the No. 1 candidate for the championship. Even many football experts have said that any team that can beat the “War Elephants” is almost certain to win the AFF Cup that year.

The championship of the Vietnamese team in 2008 was also the choking victory at My Dinh Stadium against Thailand in the final leg of the second leg. In 2018, the Vietnamese team who won the second championship was partly fortunate to not meet Thailand in the final round because the “War Elephants” lost unfortunately to Malaysia in the semi-finals.

Say so to see, if the Thai team does not attend, the attractiveness, attractiveness of this tournament almost halved. Not to mention the other teams, the Vietnamese team without competition, the rivalry of the eternal rivals in “the land of the Golden Temple” will also lose a lot of motivation to protect the current championship. Even fans will not feel interesting without the “big” in Southeast Asia today.

Some experts said that if Thailand does not attend, the Vietnamese team will be more favorable to protect the championship that has just been won in 2018. Mr. Le Khanh Hai, VFF President affirmed the team. Vietnam will still have the best preparation for the AFF Cup 2020 later this year because we are currently the champions of the tournament.

However, as the hosts of the 13th tournament, experts say we need to convince Thailand not to give up the tournament, in part to avoid the bad precedent that continues to occur in the tournament. has branded as the AFF Cup, partly so that fans and sponsors do not turn away when the tournament is no longer as attractive as before.

A tournament is only really good when there are high-level teams, fierce and attractive competition like Thailand over the years. Without Thailand, the Southeast Asian football championship which is still considered only a “village pond” will be even more unhappy.

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