“Iron Hand” mode, Solskjaer will immediately liquidate 5 MU stars

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will immediately liquidate these stars when the summer MU  transfer market opens, containing the English footballer, Lingard.

This summer, an elimination will take place

According to the British press, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to liquidate up to five Manchester United stars this summer. This is the time when the Old Trafford home team is aiming for top goals like Jadon Sancho or Jack Grealish. At the same time, they will also actively sell a series of names that have no place or perform badly in this season.

Coach Solskjaer
MU will liquidate a series of stars this summer

Specifically, the Norwegian strategist Solskjaer is considering the cases of Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Andreas Pereira, Chris Smalling and Alexis Sanchez. These are names that no longer contribute too much to Old Trafford and will be sold to save money for other goals.

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Coach Solskjaer once said he had to receive a messy squad from his predecessor Jose Mourinho and the former Manchester United star’s first job was to purify the force. Ole’s process is supported by Glazer host and chief executive Ed Woodward. That was the premise for the 47-year-old captain to continue the path he chose.

Besides the priority to buy young players in the form of potential, Solskjaer is known to apply “iron hand” to the current squad of MU. With stars earning high salaries but not contributing as much as Alexis Sanchez or Phil Jones, they will soon have to determine the future in a new stop.

The same plight on loan at the same time as Sanchez is Smalling. Although the English center-back did not perform badly in AS Roma, it was not enough for him to return to Old Trafford and compete with Marguire, Lindelof or Bailly.

A market to sell a series of footballers

Coach Solskjaer
Is Lingard one of the names to leave?

If Sanchez and Smalling will be relatively easy to sell names when many teams in Europe are ready to spread the red carpet to invite them to join, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira will be the players that MU need to calculate. thorough in taking them to the transfer market. The low salary of this trio is also a problem that “Reds” are having a headache because it will be very difficult for any team to accept such a disproportionate salary.

This season, midfielder Jesse Lingard is extremely pale in the MU shirt when there has not been a goal or an assist for the Red Devils in the English Premier League, even this situation lasted from December 2018. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that Lingard will have to leave this summer. At the present time, Arsenal is concerned about Lingard. In addition, some clubs in Spain are also planning to recruit English players.

Anyway, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has shown that he is a gifted strategist and MU fans are hoping they will once again witness this impressive ability of the Norwegian teacher. 

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