Coach Mancini does not want Serie A resume and salary cut mystery

While everyone is waiting for the day of  Serie A  to resume, Italy’s head coach Roberto Mancini wants to stop now. Reason? For the future of the Italian teams in the future.

Coach Mancini
Coach Mancini

Serie A Organizing Committee is actively working so that the teams can return to practice in the next 4-5 days.

The Government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as well as the Italian Football Federation, the Serie A Organizing Committee is actively working in the hope that the teams in Serie A can return to practice on the next 4-5 days. The number of people killed by Covid-19 in the past 24 hours is 415, the lowest number since March 17 so far that makes hope for resuming Serie A more clearly.

Doctors of the teams in Serie A basically do not resist the football recurrence but still have not agreed on the medical plan that the Italian Football Federation offered when the players returned to practice and play to ensure safety. live. Doctors of the three clubs Juventus, Lazio and Genoa did not complain about the medical plan, but the other 17 teams still had 20 points in the medical plan of the Italian Football Federation, which did not agree and needed to continue the discussion.

Coach Roberto Mancini told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he was fed up because he had to stay at home for 60 days, train in the morning and hope the weather was good to go to the balcony in the afternoon, so he was waiting for the translation to work. back to normal. However, considering the professional perspective of the Italian team, he did not want Serie A to return. Why? By that time the player must play continuously with a fairly dense match density, easily leading to fatigue and injury.

Weak forces will make it difficult for him to choose players for the upcoming focus such as the Nations League and World Cup qualifiers in 2022. Even the former Manchester City coach is worried that it is difficult to maintain a stable force with 23-24 quality players to continue playing the game that helped Italy sublime again and towards the goal of winning Euro 2020.

The secret of salary cut at European clubs

Juventus did not have to pay players for 4 months, Messi called for teammates to cut 70% of their income to save Barcelona through the hardships, etc. is the most mentioned topic of European football during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The problem is that football clubs are really difficult enough to “crush” players to cut down their income to minimize the pressure from the losses that the team is expected to suffer?

The player who receives the high salary is determined by the market. However, it is unfair to say that rich players forget their contribution to the host nation’s economy. Players in Monaco, Spain, England, etc are paid after deducting up to 45% tax plus insurance costs, meaning that nearly half of the money they make is returned to the national treasury.

Chelsea deserves the pride of London and English football.
Chelsea deserves the pride of London and English football. 

During the epidemic season, many meetings in the English Premier League on salary cut ended unexpectedly. The public opinion was so strong that the “big” like Liverpool and Tottenham were ashamed, did not dare to put club staff into the state’s temporary salary cut regime, and let the players decide for themselves to suffer from the salary cut. In Barcelona, ​​it was “torn apart” when the player’s salary cut was cut to 70%, and the relationship between the team and the leadership deteriorated seriously.

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