Coach Arteta: ‘I have completely recovered’

Head coach Mikel Arteta brought the good news to Arsenal fans when he said he was fully recovered after the time of isolation and treatment for Covid-19.

The first share from the day with the positive examined result

For the first time since the positive result of corona virus, Arsenal- head coach has officially announced his health situation.

On March 13, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta became the first case of the Premier League to have a corona-positive result. Shortly thereafter, Chelsea’s young player Hudson-Odoi was also found to be positive for the Corona Virus. And from here, the English Premier League is forced to postpone due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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According to the Daily Mail, the Spanish coach recently made the first sharing after the treatment period: “I’m feeling very well. I feel like I’m fully recovered. It takes me 3-4 days to start feeling better, has more energy and leaves the symptoms behind. Now, I am perfectly healthy, “Coach Arteta said excitedly on La Sexta.

Coach Arteta recovered from Covid-19 and was ready to return to work with Arsenal.
Coach Arteta recovered from Covid-19 and was ready to return to work with Arsenal.

Arteta was confirmed positive for the corona virus on March 12, exactly the day before the match between Arsenal and Man City. The Spanish strategist was the first person in the infected British football village. This caused the organizers of the Premier League to meet urgently and make a decision to postpone the tournament until April 30.

Recalling the onset of illness, Coach Arteta said: “Everything happened very fast. On Tuesday afternoon, I started to feel very uneasy and went to see the doctor. However, he was not present. , while I was driving, I received a call from the team leadership that announced that the test of President Olympiacos had tested positive and that close contacts could be in danger. “

Coach Mikel Arteta is the first case in the Premier League positive for corona virus
Coach Mikel Arteta is the first case in the Premier League positive for corona virus

“I informed them that I was feeling bad too. The whole team had a match against Man City the next day and obviously I wasn’t allowed to put everyone in danger without saying anything. test results on Wednesday and until Friday, the test results are positive, “the Spaniard said.

After Arteta was positive for Covid-19, the Arsenal management board announced it to the fans. The Premier League organizers immediately held an emergency meeting to postpone the tournament while London’s Colney Training Center and the club’s Hale End Academy were also closed.

Fear seems to disappear

In addition, coach Mikel Arteta also shared about his infection process: “Everything happened very quickly. In the afternoon right after the game ended (Arsenal welcomed Olympiakos in the second leg of the round of 16 of UEFA Europa League) 

I didn’t feel well and went to see the doctor but didn’t. I received a call from the team leader and they told me that the president of the Olympiakos club was positive for corona virus. contact with him can be infected “.

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About 100 members of the team, including all players, the first-team coach and a number of academy members in close contact with Coach Arteta are isolated. The London team has not recorded any more cases of Covid-19.

Arsenal is expected to return to training on March 24, after the 14-day isolation period from the time Arteta coach ended the illness. However, to ensure the safety of the members, the team leaders decided to continue to let the players leave the practice, isolate themselves at home and wait for the next announcement.

Thus, after more than 10 days of isolation and treatment, the Spanish military leader showed very positive developments in his health. This is also considered good news for world football fans in particular and sports, in general, against the COVID-19 pandemic.
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