Coach Arteta & Chelsea Player Positive For Covid-19 Virus

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta and Chelsea player Odoi are confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19. The Premier League and other football leagues in the UK are affected by the Covid-19 virus

Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi is positive for the virus

The Chelsea home page confirmed the club’s winger Callum Hudson-Odoi reacted positively to Covid-19 in the latest test. The player was said to have had mild flu on Monday and was later asked to isolate at home, not to the training ground for examination by Chelsea doctors.

Callum Hudson-Odoi is positive for Covid-19, as confirmed by Chelsea
Callum Hudson-Odoi is positive for Covid-19, as confirmed by Chelsea

Currently, Chelsea has asked the players, members of the coaching staff and staff of the club who have close contact with Hudson-Odoi to isolate themselves. Those who are not in that group will continue to work normally at the club’s training ground.

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Coach Mikel Arteta was positive for the Covid-19 virus, the Premier League had an emergency meeting

The Arsenal club issued an official statement confirming that head coach Mikel Arteta was positive for Covid-19. According to the announcement on the homepage and social media channel, Arsenal said the entire team has been isolated and the training activities have been stopped.

Coach Mikel Arteta
Coach Mikel Arteta

According to pro-Arsenal journalists, Arteta did not spread Corona virus directly from the owner of the Olympiakos club due to no contact. However, he may have transmitted the virus from one of the club’s employees or one of the players who played the match in the Europa League, nor did he deduct the possibility of Arteta being transmitted from someone other than Arsenal.

Arteta himself spoke up after discovering he was positive for Covid-19. “It was disappointing, but I had to check right after feeling unwell. I will be back to work soon with permission, ”he said.

Shortly after Arteta got sick, the Premier League organizers held an emergency meeting. The Arteta incident spread to the virus just hours after levels of English football were given the green light for the normal organization by the government, and there was now a negative reaction from the press that it was a decision. unduly reckless.

At the moment, the Premier League is the only tournament in Europe’s top five leagues that have not decided to indefinitely postpone matches due to the Covid-19 epidemic, something that the leagues in France, Germany, and West Spain and Italy both did. The public opinion is that the organizers expressed a lack of responsibility to the community and seemed more afraid of losing money than the health of the players, the coaches and the people serving the organization of the tournament.

The Bundesliga can stop the tournament too
According to the German press, the Bundesliga is likely to stop for the whole country to focus on the anti-epidemic of Covid-19. The German league is likely to end on Monday and there will be no champions, instead of taking only the top 4 for the Champions League. No teams will be relegated and the 2020/21 season will be a season with 22 teams, of which the bottom 5 will be relegated.

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