Liverpool won the FIFA Club World Cup 2019

Liverpool took 120 minutes to beat Flamengo with a score of 1-0 in the morning of December 22 to win the FIFA Club World Cup 2019.

Liverpool stepped into 2019 full of skepticism but they responded hard to titles. If Liverpool continues to win and win, they will have another brilliant 2020.

Roberto Firmino is the hero of Liverpool.
Roberto Firmino is the hero of Liverpool.

They ascended to the European championship on June 1 and on December 21, they became world champions. When Liverpool looked back in 2019, they will surely be very happy because there has been a perfect year. And it will be more wonderful if the end of this season, they will win the English football after 30 years of waiting.

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Liverpool’s first time

Roberto Firmino’s extra-time goal helped Liverpool over the Brazilian team Flamengo to win the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup in the difficult final in Qatar. For the first time, Liverpool became a world champion.

6 months ago, Liverpool entered the Champions League final against Tottenham. An easy win against the England team helped them to their sixth European championship. It is an opportunity for them towards the world championship. Liverpool have competed three times in the Intercontinental Cup (precursor of the FIFA Club World Cup) but failed. They lost to Flamengo in 1981, lost to Independiente in 1984 and Sao Paulo in 2005. In the UK, only MU was the only club to win the world championship in 1999 and 2008. Therefore, this Liverpool championship is more meaningful. ever with their own and with English football.

It was a great win to win the FIFA Club World Cup for the first time in history,” said coach Juergen Klopp after winning 1. -0 before Flamengo. “It was a great feat. I am really proud of my students. A great night for us as well as for the people who have always supported us. Flamengo should be proud of what they have shown. But I think Liverpool deserved to win. We are the better team. “

The first time Liverpool won the FIFA Club World Cup
The first time Liverpool won the FIFA Club World Cup

With a great year, Liverpool is rated as the best club in the world. Up to this point of 2019, they have played 56 games, won 3 prestigious trophies. Further, Liverpool are having the opportunity to win another title they have been waiting for so long in the Premier League, after having maintained an impressive performance during the past 4 months in the Premier League.

End the thirst for 30 long years

In the Premier League arena, Liverpool has not been defeated since January 3 this year. After a 1-2 defeat against Man City, they have maintained an unbeaten record against any opponents in the Premier League. It was that failure that made Liverpool to second in the Premier League last season when only 1 point behind City. In Europe, Liverpool overcame both Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ​​with an unbelievable comeback in Anfield in the semi-final second leg with a score of 4-0 (losing 0-3 in the first leg). They won the European championship by winning against Tottenham in the final. At the European Super Cup match, Liverpool also had no difficulty overcoming Chelsea in the match in Istanbul in August.

Liverpool enjoyed the victory- FIFA Club World Cup
Liverpool enjoyed the victory- FIFA Club World Cup

The FIFA Club World Cup is not really a prestigious title, but for Liverpool, it is a basis for them to move towards their next goals. Winning the world championship shows that both Klopp’s army has the ability to win in all the competitions it participates in. It is in stark contrast to the past, when Liverpool in general and Klopp in particular only knew second in the races in any tournament.

With the world championship, Liverpool returned to England to begin the ambition to win the Premier League. They will meet the second-ranked team Leicester City at King Power Stadium next Thursday. Liverpool are 10 points ahead of their opponents and still have a game in hand. A victory over the immediate opponent will help Liverpool establish a safe distance on the journey towards the English championship after 30 years of waiting.

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And yet, Liverpool also have the opportunity to look forward to the Club World Cup title since the last time they won the championship in 2006. The ability to successfully defend the Champions League championship is also within reach when they meet Atletico Madrid in the round. 1/8. Too many challenges and opportunities are waiting for Klopp’s teachers and students in 2020.

Liverpool’s 2019

– January 7, 2019: Eliminated in the third round of the FA Cup (Poor Man City 1 point)

– May 12, 2019: Win the Premier League runner-up position (after Man City)

– June 1, 2019: Champions League winner (Win Tottenham 2-0)

– August 4, 2019: Runners-up in Community Shield (losing to City 4-5 after draw 1-1 at regular time)

– August 14, 2019: Win the European Super Cup (beat Chelsea 5-4 in a penalty shoot-out after drawing 2-2 at regular time)

– December 21, 2019: Champion of FIFA Club World Cup (won Flamengo 1-0 in the final)
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