China vs Australia Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. AFC | 11/16

China vs Australia prediction: Losing a regretful victory in the decisive important match with the top of the table against Saudi Arabia, Australia still cannot really feel secure in this year’s qualifiers when their position is still seriously threatened. The yellow jersey team will need to be more careful in the coming period and against an underrated China, they will still need to show their strength.

China vs Australia Prediction


  • Match date: 03:00 p.m – 2021/11/16
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Sharjah Stadium



The draw against Saudi Arabia was Australia’s 2nd consecutive failure, 2 matches could only earn 1 point, making them 3 points behind the opponent in the battle for the top spot in Group B and not only that but the gap with Japan has also been narrowed to exactly 1 point. Obviously, this is not the time when Australia can relax after falling repeatedly and if they want to maintain their advantage, the yellow shirt army will need to be more careful in the remaining matches.

China vs Australia Prediction

Meanwhile, with China, the draw against Oman helped the representative from the country of billions of people get the next point in his journey at this year’s qualifiers. However, things are still not really bright for the dragons when they also have only 4 points so far and are currently standing at the penultimate position of Group B. China’s gameplay is still not really impressed and the rematch with Australia in the next round will still bring many difficulties for them. The competition will be the initiative from the guests and the possibility of many goals will appear.

Select: Over 2 FT.


With the inherent class, Australia is still the name that has the favor of bookies compared to China in this match Surely the yellow shirt team will need to play more focused if they do not want to put themselves in a difficult position. The consecutive stumbles in the last 2 rounds caused Australia to have been caught up by Japan until now, the gameplay is also somewhat overlapping which is the cause of their stumbles, Australia will obviously have to increase. increase even more pressure in matches against inferior opponents. China is one of them when the redshirt army is inherently not appreciated in their fighting style, a way of playing that depends too much on the brilliance of obvious individuals is not enough to help China make a breakthrough in this year’s campaign.

Statistics show that Australia is still having an impressive away form, they have 5 wins in the last 6 trips away from home and that is enough for China to have to worry even if this team also owning a home field record is not bad. Australia will certainly show its focus and determination in the next match and it is quite predictable that China will receive another negative result.

Select: Australia FT.


It is an extremely difficult time and more than ever Australia will need to have the determination to rise up along with solutions to get themselves back to the current cycle. The advantages they have will be the basis for them to think of a victory over China in the next match.

China vs Australia Prediction

Select: Australia FT.

China vs Australia Prediction:​​ China 1-3 Australia FT (0-1 H1).


Chinese: Junling, Miao, Shenchao, Wu Xi, Browning, Zhang, Xinghan, Xizhe, Alan, Wu Lei, Elkeson.

Australia: Ryan, Grant, Behich, Jeggo, Sainsbury, Souttar, Boyle, Hrustic, Mabil, Irvine, Leckie.

Above is the information about China vs Australia prediction in the 6th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC on 2021/11/16 of the CMD368 bookie.